Who won the Netflix Cup and which PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers took part?

PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers will compete in the first ever Netflix Cup on November 14, 2023. 

What is the Netflix Cup and which PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers are taking part?
What is the Netflix Cup and which PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers are taking…

The 2023 Netflix Cup took place at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas on Tuesday November 14, and it was contested between four PGA Tour players and four F1 drivers. 

It marked the first-ever live sporting event on the streaming platform.

PGA Tour players Max Homa, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and Tony Finau joined Lando Norris, Alex Albon, Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly in the first-ever Netflix Cup. 

Collin Morikawa was in the lineup but he was forced out at the final hour due to injuring his back in the gym. 

All four PGA Tour players recently took part in Netflix's new 'Full Swing' docu-series, and all four F1 drivers featured in the popular 'Drive to Survive' series. 

The event, which took place just days before the 2023 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, was broadcast live on Netflix and is now available on demand.

The 2023 Netflix Cup took place at Wynn Golf Club, which has been in the public eye of late due to its proximity to The Sphere, which is Las Vegas' latest extravaganza. 

Netflix is understood to have charged its sponsors $2m for their first live sporting event between PGA Tour players and F1 drivers. 

To put that number into perspective, that is about a third of the cost for an NFL Super Bowl commercial. 

A number of brands also sponsored the Netflix Cup including T-Mobile and Nespresso. 

Discussing the event, Netflix's vice president of non-fiction sports, Gabe Spitzer, said: 

"We love to see how our sports series have brought increased fandom to sports leagues and competitions all over the world.
"The Netflix Cup will take that energy to the next level with global stars from two popular hits competing in our first-ever live sports event."

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What is the Netflix Cup and which PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers are taking part?
What is the Netflix Cup and which PGA Tour stars and F1 drivers are taking…

What is the Netflix Cup? 

The first-ever Netflix Cup pit four F1 drivers who featured in the brand's popular 'Drive to Survive' series with four PGA Tour players who starred in the new 'Full Swing' series. 

Netflix chose four F1 drivers with a big passion for the sport of golf to ensure the fairest possible match. 

Where and when did the Netflix Cup take place? 

The Netflix Cup 2023 took place at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, United States, on Tuesday November 14. 

The tournament happened just days before the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, which you can keep up to speed with at our sister company, Crash.net

Which PGA Tour players competed in the Netflix Cup?

Which F1 drivers competed in the Netflix Cup?

  • Lando Norris
  • Alex Albon
  • Carlos Sainz 
  • Pierre Gasly

What were the Netflix Cup teams? 

  • Fowler & Norris
  • Thomas & Sainz
  • Homa & Albon
  • Finau & Gasly

What was the format?

The format was Scramble Match Play. 

Each of the four teams played a total of eight holes of match play featuring some surprise challenges on the way round. 

The lowest-scoring team from each match then competed on a playoff hole to determine the 2023 Netflix Cup champions. 

Who won the Netflix Cup?

Match 1: Thomas & Sainz defeated Fowler & Norris 
Match 2:  Finau & Gasly defeated Homa & Albon
Final: Thomas & Sainz defeated Finau & Gasly


How does a Scramble work? 

Each player tees off on every hole. Each team then selects one of their drives, and both players then play from that spot, repeating the process until the hole comes to an end. The team with the lowest score wins that hole. 

Who were the commentators?

Comedian Bert Kreischer, PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen, sports host Kay Adams and NFL running back Marshawn Lynch hosted the show. 

How can I watch the Netflix Cup?

The Netflix Cup was broadcast live on Netflix but is now available on the streaming service following the event.

Netflix prices start at £4.99 a month and all subscribers are able to watch the event live without making any additional purchases.

Netflix is available to watch online, as well as on smart TVs and phones and tablets via the Netflix app.

For more information and to watch the event, please visit the Netflix website

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