Report: Augusta National employee charged with stealing millions (!) in Masters merch

A former employee of Augusta National has been charged in federal court with stealing millions of dollars worth of Masters merchandise.

The Masters
The Masters

A former Augusta National employee allegedly stole millions of dollars worth of Masters merch over a 13-year period. 

According to a report by The Chicago Tribune, 39-year-old Robert Globensky of Augusta, Georgia, was charged in federal court with 'transporting stolen goods across state lines'. 

The indictment states the alleged offending happened between 2009 and 2022. 

Globensky was charged just hours after Augusta National hosted the 88th Masters where Scottie Scheffler claimed his second title in three years. 

The report from The Tribune stated that no further details have been provided about what position Globensky held at the club. 

It is also not known whether any of the club's iconic green jackets were part of the theft. 

Reported the Tribune's Jason Meisner:

"Robert Globensky, 39, of Augusta, Georgia, was charged in a one-page criminal information filed Tuesday with transporting stolen goods across state lines. 
"An arraignment was not immediately scheduled.
"Defendants charged by way of information instead of a grand jury indictment typically plan to plead guilty. 
"Globensky’s Atlanta-based attorney, Thomas Church, could not immediately be reached.
"The charges allege that between 2009 and 2022, Globensky moved “millions of dollars’ worth of Masters golf tournament merchandise and historical memorabilia” taken from Augusta National “and transported to Tampa, Florida, knowing the same had been stolen, converted and taken by fraud.”
"No further details were provided about Globensky’s role at the club, what became of the allegedly stolen merchandise. or whether any of the club’s vaunted green jackets were part of the theft."

Whilst Augusta National is known for its extremely modest food and beverage prices, the club makes an astronomical sum of money every year through merchandise sales. 

It just might surprise you how much business the club does during one week in April. 

A recent report from Joe Pompliano, a sports business reporter, stated that Augusta National makes approximately $70m in merchandise sales in tournament week. 

That equates to $10m per day, $1m per hour, $16,000 a minute and $277 every second. 

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