Masters breakout star Neal Shipley explains what he was staring at in Butler Cabin

Masters amateur sensation Neal Shipley has revealed what exactly he was side-eyeing in Butler Cabin that left golf fans in stitches.

Neal Shipley
Neal Shipley

Masters breakout star Neal Shipley turned heads at Augusta National for literally turning his head in an awkward press conference exchange before doing the same in the Butler Cabin. 

In case you have absolutely no idea what we are on about then let us at GolfMagic quickly fill you in. 

Shipley was the low amateur at the 2024 Masters and the feat was all the more impressive given he was the only non-pro to make the cut. 

The 23-year-old was then paired with Tiger Woods for the final round. 

Talk about your dream Masters debut!

A reporter later put it to Shipley that he thought he saw the iconic golfer pass him a note during the round. 

Shipley immediately glanced towards the green jacket moderating the interview before saying firmly: "No. He didn't." 

The youngster then repeated the assertion before leaving. 

Remind yourself of the moment here:



Shipley then became a meme as he was caught side-eyeing the camera during Scottie Scheffler's green jacket ceremony in Butler Cabin. 

His expression was utterly hilarious and it prompted a number of golf fans on social media to post whimsical responses as to who or what he was staring at. 

And remind yourself of his expression here:

Neal Shipley in Butler Cabin
Neal Shipley in Butler Cabin

Shipley, who was given a epic welcome home after his eventful debut, has revealed all in an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show

Turns out, he was just a bag of nerves so he was looking at the teleprompter so he could know his cues. 

"I looked like a dumbass," Shipley joked. 

He explained: "I was so nervous. The last thing I wanted to do was swear on national TV, or say something stupid. I also didn’t want to speak out of turn, so I was trying to look at the teleprompter so I knew my cues. I looked like a dumbass!"



Shipley added: "I finished up all the presentations, I go back to our party house, I’ve had a few IC Lights, and my family is like, ‘Hey Neal, have you seen these memes of you?’ I’m like, ‘What memes? What are you talking about?’ 

"Then they start absolutely roasting me for the next three hours!”

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