Collin Morikawa with epic reversal before US Open: "That's my answer!"

Collin Morikawa completely flipped the switch during his pre-tournament news conference at the 2023 US Open at Los Angeles Country Club.

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Wed, 14 Jun 2023
Collin Morikawa with epic reversal before US Open: "That's my answer!"

Collin Morikawa appeared so fed up with chatter about the PGA Tour's agreement with LIV Golf's backers before the US Open he completely flipped the switch. 

Two-time major champion Morikawa is one of the biggest names in the game. 

So it is absolutely no surprise golf fans wanted to hear his thoughts about the stunning news that has now been flagged by US lawmakers

Like a number of PGA Tour stars, Morikawa, 26, has had a few days to process the news. So what does he think?

"Yeah, I don't know anything," Morikawa said firmly. "So I'll talk about my FORE Youth Project that we're doing."

He explained: 

"It's this Maggie Hathaway project. It's amazing. It's in a community that is for underprivileged kids, kids that don't have an opportunity to play.
"There's many great organizations coming on board with this, and it's something that means a lot to me.
I think LA has a big divide. We get to play Riviera every year, we play LACC this year. There's a huge divide between private golf and public golf out here in Los Angeles.
"It's not the case for everyone, but there really is, and mots people are playing public municipal golf courses, and the change of this golf course is going to be great.
"It's going to give opportunities I think that I've learned from golf that are able to just teach kids just the real world. School teaches a lot of things, but the real world is you can learn a lot from golf. That's my answer."

Morikawa eventually did succumb to the pressure and offered some thoughts on the partnership. 

Patrick Cantlay agreed with Jon Rahm after the Spaniard questioned the PGA Tour's leadership. 

Morikawa said: 

"For us, for me right now, it's just like what's going to happen, I don't know. But we always want to know that why answer. Like what's the purpose behind it.
"But I think there's so many different parties involved that there's too many answers to really put it into one underlying umbrella of the why, because I think what you've seen from the players versus what you've seen from maybe our commissioner versus the board versus Yasir [Al-Rumayyan] versus LIV versus -- there's a lot of parties involved.
"Everyone has had a kind of different answer and different reaction to all this.
"So the why is -- I think that's going to be very opinionated, and I don't think we'll ever really get an answer. But we don't even know what's going to happen. Or maybe you do."


His comments come as PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan confirmed he is going on leave over a 'medical issue'. 

We do not know what has happened to the under fire chief executive but high-ranking officials will assume the day-to-day activities

Elsewhere, Shane Lowry confirmed he urged angry PGA Tour stars to 'chill' when the membership discussed the proposal at last week's tense meeting in Canada. 

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