Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's Guide and Things You Need To Know

Your guide to the best golf gloves of 2023 and all the things you need to know ahead of purchasing your next accessory.

Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

Not every golfer wears a golf glove but they are crucial to your performance and the feel you receive from your clubs. The best golf gloves increase the grip you get on your clubs and they also provide protection from wet weather and rubbing on your hands.

Golf gloves are made of different materials that provide maximum comfort and endurance, and they can help you compete at your highest level in every month of the year, no matter the weather conditions. 




















Gloves are essential items that should be in every golfer’s bag, even for those who opt for the bare-hand approach.

Along with golf balls and golf tees, your glove is part of the furniture of the golf bag.

A golf glove should be on your checklist before every round, and if it is ripped or ruined, a new one should be the first thing on your mind before your next game.

In our latest buyer guide, we talk you through all of the best gloves for golf in 2023 and explain how and why they will improve your game. 

Further down in this guide, we also highlight the best winter golf gloves and best all-weather golf gloves in the rain. 

Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

Best Golf Gloves 2023

Take a look below at our list of golf gloves in ranked order, based on their performance, feel and design.

Let's begin with what I believe to be the best overall golf glove in 2023...

Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

1. TaylorMade TP

Price: £19.99

Key features: 

  • Ultra-thin construction for a superior feel
  • Superior fit with a contoured wristband
  • Non-flowering cuff 


  • The minimalistic design with very few air holes looked great
  • The glove felt solid when hitting shots
  • The feel was soft and comfortable


  • Perhaps a slight pinch on the wrist at the bottom of the glove
  • £19.99 is a top end price for a golf glove

The TaylorMade TP glove felt great when I first slipped it on. It had a very nice fit and it didn’t feel like I had a glove on at all. This is a key sign of a glove’s quality that I immediately felt before hitting any balls.

The Ultra-Thin Construction was clear to see. The lightweight nature of this glove was a key marketing point for this item and this was evident in aiding my performance.

The design was very slick and minimalistic. It is all white and had very few airholes in which I personally liked. There was also no stand-out pattern to this glove and I prefer this sort of look over a design that is somewhat overthought.

I chose a large glove and it was a good fit. It felt solid when I gripped the club and hit full shots. It was an all-around pleasing golf glove to wear and I would recommend this one to any golfer looking to get the most out of their game. 

I've worn this glove for a number of range sessions and a couple of rounds of golf now, and I can also attest these are also some of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands. 

The only slight downside would be that when I put it on and when I was hitting shots, there was a slight pinch on my wrist from the bottom of my glove, but this is a very particular criticism and it didn’t put me off in any way. 

Definitely my favourite golf glove in the test. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

2. PING Tour

Price: £19

Key features:

  • Pre-curved fingers for engineered feel
  • Perforated leather Velcro closure
  • Moisture-wicking SensorCool technology
  • Premium Cabretta leather


  • This glove had a fantastic feel which felt very comfortable and soft
  • The stitched pattern marks for a nice, traditional look
  • The design with minimal air holes is always pleasing


  • The design was a bit basic, much like the PING Sport Tech

Much like the PING Sport Tech and the TaylorMade TP, there were minimal airholes which I think always contributes to a clean and tidy look on a golf glove.

As soon as I slipped the glove on, I instantly loved the feel. It felt very soft and comfortable and it almost felt like I had a pillow strapped to my hand. 

The actual design and colourway is very similar to the PING Sport Tech, which features below in our guide. It wasn’t that inspiring and it didn’t really jump out, but this isn’t a major concern.

Like the Stuburt Leather golf glove, which also features below, I appreciated the stitched pattern at the bottom of the glove. Although this doesn’t add to the feel, it is a design touch I enjoy.

All in all though, a really snug glove that performs well. If comfort is what you seek from a premium glove, this is the one for you. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

3. Duca Del Cosma Elite Pro

Price: £19.99

Key features:

  • 100% supersoft Cabretta leather
  • Dry cuffing technology and engineered perforations


  • The design on the tab is very stylish. The Duca Del Cosma colourway is very easy on the eye
  • I enjoyed the blue thumb design too, which is a unique feature
  • The feel was great and the stitched pattern was another positive


  • Perhaps a bit loose in the fingertips, but this wasn’t a huge concern
  • Top end price for a glove which may limit appeal 

Probably the golf glove that surprised me most. 

Straight out the packaging, I was a huge fan of the design of this golf glove.

Duca Del Cosma is a very stylish brand and the logo on the tab is the best of any golf glove in this list.

I really liked the blue thumb section too. It stands out and it is a unique part of this golf glove that you rarely see from other brands.

Again, the stitched design looked good and while I was hitting balls, it had a good feel.

It was potentially a bit too loose in the fingertips, and the comfort was not quite up there with TaylorMade, but overall it is a really impressive glove.

If a golf glove can be classy, this is an adjective I’d use.

It is a Tour-level player’s glove and you could tell by the feel provided by the dry cuffing technology and engineered perforations. 

A real looker and a very pleasing entry into the golf glove market for Duca.


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

4. Wilson Staff Model

Price: £9.99

Key features:

  • Exclusive, premium Cabretta leather
  • Tour player specifications for optimal fit, comfort and feel
  • Reversed thumb seam and pre-curved features


  • I liked the clean, slick look in the centre of the palm with a lack of air holes
  • The Wilson Staff emblem at the bottom of the glove was a nice touch to the design
  • The feel and performance were good all-around


  • The thick-finger design we noticed was a little unattractive

When I took my first look at the glove, the fingers were very wide which was a design point I was unsure of in all honesty. 

I liked the clean and slick palm which was purely white. I enjoy designs that have minimal airholes and I also liked the Wilson Staff emblem on the bottom of the glove.

I performed well with this glove though and it felt good throughout my hitting session. The wide-finger feature that I noticed didn’t hinder my performance or feel, so that was another positive. 

After hitting shots, you can tell it has been certified and tour-proven. 

It's not the comfiest or snuggest glove of the bunch, which is reflected in the price, however, it's a very impressive glove that fits great. 

No question the best value-for-money glove at half the price of anything else in our list. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

5. PING Sport Tech

Price: £19

Key features:

  • Pre-curved fingers for a natural fit
  • Perforated textured-grip Velcro closure
  • Moisture-wicking SensorCool technology
  • Large Lycra area over knuckles


  • The glove felt good when hitting balls as the session grew on
  • The design featured minimal air holes which is a positive feature


  • The design of the glove was very basic

The design of the PING Sport Tech glove was very basic, and that somewhat turned me off in comparison to some of the others in this list. 

When I put the glove on for the first time, it felt like a rubber glove. But once I got into hitting shots, it felt fine and I enjoyed having it on my hand.

The pre-curved fingers were a good feature and it became apparent that this benefitted the fit of the golf glove.

As with the TaylorMade TP glove, there were minimal air holes and this is always a positive for me in any golf glove design.

A solid glove for sure but I just preferred the overall comfort and look of the PING Tour glove, so for that reason I would slightly favour that one of the two. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

6. Cobra PUR Tour

Price: £14.99

Key features:

  • Premium, high-grade Cabretta leather
  • Tailored cuff for good fit and the full range of motion
  • Perforated fingers for moisture control and breathability


  • I liked the clear Cobra logo on the tab
  • The design featured a stitched pattern which is always a positive 
  • The glove felt nice and light throughout the session
  • It featured a nice, slick look in the palm


  • This glove didn’t feel as comfortable as the PING Tour or the TaylorMade TP

As with many other golf gloves, I liked the stitched design and I also liked the Cobra logo on the tab. This stood out on this white glove and I thought this was a nice touch.

The glove felt very nice and light. It is important that golf gloves add as little weight as possible to your hand and this was a particular feature that stood out here.

The tailored cuff allows for a good fit and a full range of motion, but a full range of motion is a minimum expectation with a golf glove and the Cobra Pur Tour delivers this.

Much like the Wilson Staff Model golf glove, the Cobra Pur Tour golf glove has a nice, slick look in the palm and a clean design which is very pleasing to the eye.

It's also a little cheaper than some of the others in this list, which will likely add some further appeal. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

7. Stuburt Urban Leather

Price: £10.50

Key features:

  • Cabretta leather
  • Specifically engineered for precision fit
  • Stretch panel inserts across knuckles for feel


  • The fit and feel while hitting balls were good
  • The stitching pattern creates a nice, traditional look


  • The back of the palm was a bit baggy when closing the tab
  • The palm of the glove became slightly discoloured after hitting shots

The Stuburt Leather glove made for a good fit and it felt great when I put it on. I also had no complaints while hitting balls and I was pleased with the performance of the material.

This glove is specifically engineered for a precision fit and I found that this complimented my performance.

I liked the stitching pattern on this glove and this is a pattern that can be found on many golf gloves. I think it is stylish and adds a nice touch to the design.

The back of the palm was slightly oversized and a bit baggy when I closed the tab. Perhaps I should’ve worn a medium instead of a large.

After a couple of shots, the middle of the palm became ever so faintly discoloured with small black marks from the grip. But this may be another particular criticism again as it didn’t affect the impressive feel and performance.

By no means our favourite in the list, but its price certainly does offer plenty of appeal at nearly half of those in this list. 


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

8. Zoom Weather Style

Price: £11.95

Key features:

  • Compression technology for a better fit
  • Flexx-Fit technology for a tailored shape
  • Honeycomb structure increases grip


  • The Zoom colourway was a standout feature of the glove


  • The design on the index finger was strange and felt strange when hitting balls
  • The fit was fairly tight and tighter than the majority of the other gloves

When I slipped on this glove, I wasn’t a huge fan of the design, but some people could think differently. I enjoyed the Zoom colourway with the black and red scheme on the glove.

I found the design on the index finger a bit strange. As you can see in the image above, the fabric at the tip of the index finger was thinner and different to the other fingers.

This felt slightly uncomfortable when gripping the club and I was conscious of it when hitting my shots. The fit felt tight as well and I may have benefitted from an extra large size.

I understand that the Flexx-Fit technology was used to create a tailored shape, but I think this should push golfers to get a size larger than they usually would.

The feel improved as I continued to use it, but there are certainly other gloves with better designs and better feels in this list.

I've worn this one a few times now in some pretty horrendous weather conditions, and it's certainly stood up to the test. So for that reason, I'd have to say this is the best golf glove in our guide for durability, and given the price tag, that could look great value for many of you out there. 

Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's Guide and Things You Need To Know

Best Golf Gloves for playing in the rain 2023

Cobra StormGrip Rain Gloves

These fantastic all-weather gloves from Cobra feature an innovative StormGrip suede in the palm which grips better when wet to ensure you can perform.

The gloves have a DWR finish to repel water away and have an electronic touch screen compatible index finger to allow you to control GPS or mobile devices without the need to change quickly.

We have used these waterproof golf gloves for a while now and they have ensured maximum grip in the worst of conditions. 

It's also a very snug fit, and they feel comfortable.


Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's Guide and Things You Need To Know

Best Winter Golf Gloves 2023

adidas Bar Warm Golf Gloves

These are our favourite warm winter golf gloves for this season, and they are available at American Golf for a reduced price of $19.99. 

These golf gloves by adidas are constructed with a double-knit polyester fabric for warmth and comfort as you play golf.

They are practical gloves to keep your hands warm during cold weather, and they have a faux suede palm and touchscreen-compatible thumb and index fingers so you can use your phone or GPS device, in between holes.

The hook-and-loop strap lets you cinch up the fit, so you can swing through with confidence.

There is nothing worse playing with cold hands, so take complete control of your game if you still want to play in the winter and get yourself a pair of these.


How do we test golf gloves?

Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know
Best Golf Gloves 2023: Buyer's guide and things you need to know

In order to test the performance of each golf glove, I went to the driving range and hit a number of shots with each golf glove.

I'm a single-figure handicap golfer and have been reviewing many different golf products over the past 18 months alongside our Equipment Editor Alex Lodge. 

I wore each glove not only for iron shots but for the best golf drivers, fairway woods and wedges, too. It is important we get a well-rounded view of all departments of the game, and to provide a fair test. 

I was also keen to test each golf glove in cold weather conditions to find out if the golf gloves could perform in less-than-ideal conditions. 

I assess all of the features of each glove, including the design, comfort, tightness and durability.

Each of these features is crucial in my assessment of each glove and they are important for you to know before buying your next one.

Can you play golf without a glove?

You can certainly play golf without a glove.

A number of players have done exactly that on the PGA Tour down the years, most notably Ben Hogan, Fred Couples and Lucas Glover (ironically!) 

It is not something we would advise though as extra grip on the club can make all the difference to your game. 

But it's very much personal preference. You won't get docked any shots for not using a glove. If you don't like it, don't have it. 

In the summer, when your grips are less slippy and your clubs are dry, some golfers feel that the grip of their palms is enough to get them around the golf course.

But like we said, golf gloves provide good grip and if anything, they also provide protection from your hands rubbing and causing blisters.

If you don’t use a glove for a number of rounds, this could hurt and make it difficult to hold your clubs in your next round. 

Golf gloves help your game in wet weather. If you haven’t got a glove on, the clubs can slip into your hands. They provide a significant contribution to your game, which is why it is important to have one or two in your bag.

How often should you change your golf glove? 

In general, golf gloves are very durable. They can last several months and maybe years in your golf bag without becoming damaged.

There is no time frame as to when you should replace your golf glove. If it is damaged, then buy a new one for sure. If it has no damage and isn’t causing you discomfort, then crack on.

There will come a day when your golf glove rips as a result of wear and tear or weather damage and this is most likely to happen in the winter when wet weather is more common.

If you own a pair of waterproof gloves, you will want to replace them when their durability begins to diminish and they fail to protect your hands from cold and wet conditions.

We will soon have available a buyer guide dedicated to the best golf clothes in wet weather, so stay tuned for that one. 

There is no need to buy a new golf glove if the one you have now is in perfect condition. However, we would always recommend that you have a spare pair of gloves in your bag just in case you should ever need one on the way around the course. 

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