5 steps to nail the bump and run golf shot!

How to play one of the most useful chip shots in golf. 

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Thu, 23 Mar 2017

Golf's good 'ol "bump and run" shot involves exactly that. You bump the ball into the slope or the fringe, and then let it run out to the hole. So you can save the sexy fingers for the 60-degree flop shot. 

To execute this shot, perfect for when you're out of sync with your feel around the greens, you essentially need to adopt a putting stroke method with an iron of your choice.

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We would suggest you practice the shot with three even or odd numbered clubs from your bag, so either 9-7-5 or PW-8-6. 

Let's take a closer look at the five simple steps to play the "bump and run" chip shot...

STEP 1: Align clubface to target and steepen angle of shaft

It may sound simple but aligning your clubface perpendicular to the target is vital. Once you're happy, set the shaft upright and stand the club on it's toe end.

Bringing up the heel will reduce drag on the downswing, preventing the club decelerating through the ball. The upright shaft helps with a one-level motion swing, where no wrists are used.