Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to help you hit STRAIGHTER drives

Hitting a drive down the middle of the fairway is one of golf's greatest feelings and we have some tips to help you achieve this. 

Three GREAT tips to help you hit straighter drives
Three GREAT tips to help you hit straighter drives

Golf has finally returned now that pandemic restrictions have been relaxed and everyone is determined to play their best golf again.

Many of us will be looking to wipe away the rust on our clubs and rediscover our swings, however, this may be easier said than done as driving ranges and practice facilities have also been unavailable. 

Sometimes it doesn't matter how far you hit your ball, finding the fairway is the main thing. With that in mind, we have compiled three key tips to make sure you drive the ball accurately when you return to the course. 



The original setup is key. Make sure that the ball is positioned just inside of your left foot as this is the ideal position for when the clubface meets the ball.

Your left shoulder and left elbow should be facing the target that you are aiming for. Alignment is an important feature that can help with your accuracy.

Finally, your head should be positioned just behind the ball. A still head helps with your concentration and prevents you from lifting your head before hitting the ball.



When driving the ball, it is important to maintain a good rhythm and flow to your swing. If you rush and swing too fast, the ball will likely deviate from the target that you are aiming at.

To help with the rhythm of your swing, you can calmly count 'one, two, three', or perhaps sing a little song in your head as you pull the club back. If your arms move as you count, the club should move at a steady pace and your swing will flow in a good tempo.



When you are practising on the driving range, you could use practice sticks to help hit the ball straighter. Simply place the two sticks in front of you, about four feet apart, and focus on hitting the ball between these sticks.

If you hit the ball between the sticks, this means that the clubface was straight on impact and this indicates that you have hit a solid and accurate drive. 


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