The EASIEST swing in golf for senior players

The best possible way to swing a golf club if you suffer from tightness in your back or neck...

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Wed, 17 Jun 2020
The EASIEST swing in golf for senior players

Here is a great video for senior golfers looking to learn an easy, pain-free golf swing that can even add more distance off the tee, courtesy of Danny Maude, Head PGA Professional at Canterbury Golf Club.

Danny coaches a number of senior golfers, each of whom come to him seeking greater distance with their drives. Despite suffering from back pain, neck pain and other little niggles when it comes to flexibility, the following video tip has worked wonders for his older students... 




1. Okay, we want to get into a little dance. Get your left heel moving up and then your right heel moving up so you are literally moving backwards and forwards. Try to get a little turn going on as you're doing this. Both heels are coming up in a motion. As the left heel comes up, look at your left hip... it moves it and creates more space and flexibility in your swing. You are instantly more mobile, and now suddenly we can get to the top of the backswing as it stores a lot more energy in the swing. Yes, it has its downsides as there is a lot of movement going on, but not only does it store energy, it helps you to get the correct sequence as the foot comes down. Immediately we have created a nice rhythm. Now we are more mobile in the hips, the transition is more right to left, instead of being static (see 2:25 in the video).



2. Now I want to look at your head position. You need to allow your head to move slightly. Do not be afraid of moving your head just a little bit, allow it to tilt and have some freedom. Let your head flow through impact. You cannot move your torso if your head stays still. We don't want you to take your eyes off the ball, but we want you to release your body. Flow through into the follow through (see 5:15 in the video).

3. We now need to co-ordinate all this motion by working on this drill. Okay, grab a golf club and put the club in front of your chest with your arms at the side. I want you to start to let those heels move and then pivot around the body. Keep the shaft of the club in front of you and don't allow it to move too much. This helps co-ordinate the arms and the body. Now take this drill into a golf swing. Take it back and then through. It's a great exercise for senior golfers suffering from tightness in their back. It really helps to store some energy in the top of the backswing and allows you to get a natural sequence on the way down (see 7:40 in the video).