How to control your distance on the golf course like LIV Golf's Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is a master when it comes to distance control, and he relies heavily on Trackman. 

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Mon, 24 Apr 2023
How to control your distance on the golf course like LIV Golf's Dustin Johnson

One of the most important skills in golf if you want to shoot lower scores is working on your distance control, writes PGA professional Adam Glass

Former World No.1 and two-time major champion Dustin Johnson, who now plays on LIV Golf, has often talked in interviews about the benefits of knowing how far his wedges travel. 

During exhibitions and launch events, DJ has been known to call out his yardages while his ball in the air... and he's pretty much always bang on or at least within one or two yards from the actual number! 

In a world where everyone is obsessed with hitting the ball further, it is often overlooked how valuable being precise with distance control is on your approach play. 

Those one or two yards of carry could make all the difference between being plugged in the face of a bunker and taking double bogey, or leaving yourself a short putt for birdie. 

There are obviously many factors that contribute to developing the ability to know and control your distances.

Sound technique that will give you a good chance of striking the ball consistently will be the biggest factor to improving your distance control. 

But a golf GPS watch like the GolfBuddy aim W12 or a golf rangefinder such as the Shot Scope Pro LX+ can also be very effective in developing an awareness of how far you hit each club in your bag, at least while you're out on the golf course. 

These are essential devices to have in your golf bag and could be a far better and less expensive investment than splashing out on one of the best golf drivers

However, the best possible way to develop your distance control and improve your skill and awareness in this area of the game is to have a Trackman gapping session.

DJ's coach Claude Harmon III explains more about the benefits of Trackman for his man in this video: 

When used in coaching, Trackman’s radar technology precisely captures all of your ball flight and club data, leading to a complete understanding of your personal game and enhancing your technical improvements.

If yardage inconsistencies appear between irons then you can make loft adjustments with your fitter or PGA pro to iron out those 'problem yardages'.

Other benefits of a Trackman gapping session allow you to know your full shot yardages with every club as well as your ½ and ¾ yardages with those all-important wedges.

I do Trackman gapping sessions with many of the players I coach and do it periodically for the competitive players I teach as the weather conditions and temperature play a huge part in how far the ball will carry. 

A chart can then be prepared and taken onto the golf course to help you further dial-in your yardages. 

Hopefully this will help you manage your game a little better, keep you out of trouble and give you a better chance of shooting lower scores.

To learn more about a Trackman bag mapping session and how it could be beneficial to your game, please get in touch by visiting my website -


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