GolfBuddy aim W12 Golf GPS Watch: "Easy to use, packed full of cool features"

GolfMagic tests out the brand new GolfBuddy aim W12 watch that features slope adjusted yardages and green undulation.

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 13 Apr 2023
GolfBuddy aim W12 Golf GPS Watch: "Easy to use, packed full of cool features"

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Easy to use; clear graphics at a glance; accurate F, M, B distances with slope functionality; clever green undulation tech to help you find the best side of the green to putt; 2D hole flyover ideal if not played the course before; versatile watch
Top end for price
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PRICE: £279.99 YEAR: from 2023

If you are in the market for a premium, easy-to-use golf GPS watch that possesses a number of key features that will improve your course management, then look no further than the new GolfBuddy aim W12. 

This cutting-edge GPS watch has a number of standout features including new green undulation technology that allows you see all the contours on the green before you even get up there.

The GolfBuddy aim W12 golf watch also utilises a new 2D Hole Flyover, which makes it incredibly useful for you when playing a golf course for the very first time. 

While towards the top end for price, we think the amount of features and its general ease of setup and use makes this a very strong contender for the best golf GPS watch on the market right now. 

Right, let's check it out in more detail...

GolfBuddy aim W12 - What's in the box?

Straight out the box, the aim W12 oozes quality with its silicone interchangeable watch strap. You could very easily wear this watch on and off the golf course, especially given you can load up a daily step and calorie tracking feature, which some of you might find useful. 

To fire up the aim W12 before you head to the golf course, you simply charge it up with the USB cable that comes in the box. This process took us around 20 to 30 minutes for a full load. This watch has a 10-hour battery life, which will easily last you two rounds - unless Patrick Cantlay is in front of you. 

As we've already briefly touched upon, this watch has a number of impressive features packed inside it: 

GolfBuddy aim W12 - Key Features

  • Slope adjusted, accurate distances to the Front / Centre / Back of the green
  • Dial-in your approach play by seeing the undulations of the green
  • Carry distances to hazards
  • 2D Hole Flyover before each hole
  • Lay-up points and on-course management with TouchIP
  • Shot Distance tracking whilst out on the course
  • Interchangeable watch faces designed for day-to-day life
  • Daily step and calorie tracker
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 10-Hour Battery Life in Golf Mode
  • Over 10 languages available

GolfBuddy aim W12 - Performance

Of the pick of the key features, we have to start with its clever slope functionality. We really enjoyed this aspect of the aim W12 as it takes into consideration the elevation changes that you are facing on the shot in hand. It's like having a portable caddie with you at all times. If the green is above or below you, then the aim W12 will account for that and give you the yardage you need. If you play hilly courses, this watch will very much become your friend. A little dot will appear on the main screen when slope functionality is activated, however, you will need to turn this off and disable it during tournament play otherwise you would be disqualified. To do this, just pay a quick visit to the settings on the menu screen. 

The next best feature has to be its green undulation technology, which effectively allows you to lift up the green and see all the contours of the green before you have even got up there with your putter. If you want a flat uphill putt as opposed to a tricky downhiller, then you will know which side of the green to try and find. I know what some of you are thinking... I just want to hit the green! And trust me, I'm with you on that one, but it's certainly a nice addition to have, especially for the better golfers among you. 

We also love the 2D Hole Flyover. This is a nice touch, especially if it's the first time you have ever played the hole in question. This option is available to you at the start of each hole if you want it. If not and you're familiar with what lies ahead, just tap away and you're off again. 

In terms of the general use of this product, you get all the front, middle and back distances that you would typically expect from a premium golf GPS watch in 2023. But with the aim W12 you can swipe left for a coloured hole map that will highlight where a 150, 200 or 250-yard drive will end up on the hole in question. The blue graphics will then show you the yardages into the green. We also like how you can zoom in for a closer look at where everything is on the hole and pick out a yardage for yourself. This is great if you want to find a particular lay-up spot on a par-5, for example. 

Other nice touches are shot distance tracking whilst you're out on the course, so you can brag to your mates when they actually question whether or not that drive did go 300 yards. It provides an element of VAR to those personal bragging rights. This watch is also waterproof, which can't often always be said for a golf GPS watch. 

Overall, the watch is extremely comfortable and light to wear at just 50g, and the graphics are very clear and easy to read at a glance. 

Should you purchase the GolfBuddy aim W12? 

Absolutely, this is a first-class golf GPS watch, and easily one of the best we have tested. It's quick and easy to setup, extremely comfortable on the wrist, and it possesses a plethora of key features that will help improve your course management out there. It's like having a portable golf caddie out there with you, and that says a lot for a golf watch. We highly recommend you check this one out this season.


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