Stay At Home Golf Tip #4: Jayden Schaper talks shot shaping

WATCH: Tip #4 in the Modest Golf x GolfMagic Stay At Home Golf Tips series...

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Thu, 9 Apr 2020
Stay At Home Golf Tip #4: Jayden Schaper talks shot shaping

In the fourth of our new Stay At Home Golf Tips series in partnership with Modest Golf, we catch up with Challenge Tour ace Jayden Schaper and his best tip for shot shaping. 

Schaper, 19, won the South African Stroke Play Championship last year before going on to win the Junior Players Championship, one of the most prestigious junior golf tournaments in the world.

The South African has quickly earned a reputation among his peers as "The Shaper" for his ability to be able to hit the golf ball where he likes - so what better man to teach you a quick tips on shot shaping.

Check out the video below, and head over to the GolfMagic Instagram page to watch more helpful golf tips and drills...
"So first up for the draw, I want to get the ball a touch back in my stance. What this does is to help you hit the ball a fraction earlier, and that should encourage the golf ball to turn easier from right to left.
"The next thing I want to do is address the golf ball like normal, but then just drop the right foot back slightly. Obviously the further back you drop your foot, the more the golf ball will shape from right to left. 
"Then we want to keep the clubface aimed towards the target, so it's nice and square. You want to just swing along your feet like this [hits shot].
"Next up with the fade, it's pretty much the opposite of the draw. This time you want the ball a touch further forward in your stance as this helps your body open up for the shot easier, and it should get the golf ball turning from left to right.
"Address the ball like a normal golf shot, but then drop the left foot back a touch. The further back you drop your foot, the more the ball should shape from left to right. Keep the clubface nice and square to the target, and then swing along your feet line like this [hits shot].
"So those are a couple of tips for shot shaping. Have a go and let me know how you get on."