Golfers SLAMMED by clubs for not repairing pitch marks

Golfers across the country waited months to be able to return to the course, but it seems that some have neglected their on-course responsibilities.

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Mon, 19 Apr 2021
Golfers SLAMMED by clubs for not repairing pitch marks

Golf clubs across the country have been left annoyed at the number of pitch marks that have been left by golfers on their greens.

Players were allowed to return to golf courses on March 29th, when the UK government lifted restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But it seems that many players have forgotten that while they can enjoy themselves playing the sport they love, they need to contribute to maintaining their courses as much as possible.

There will have been greens staff up and down the country preparing their courses and making them perfect for the return of golf, so it is sad to hear that there are some players who have not been doing their bit.

Pitch marks can leave deep holes and damage on a green, so it is vitally important that they are repaired before the damage becomes permanent.

Every golfer should carry a pitch mark repairer in their golf bag in order to repair as many marks as they can on each green. It provides great help for greens staff and helps to maintain courses throughout the changing seasons of the year.

There were many courses that took to social media to remind golfers of their duties: