FAVOURITE FIVE: The most forgiving drivers to help you off the tee

Struggling with confidence off the tee? Take a look at our favourite five most forgiving drivers on the market.

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Fri, 11 Sep 2020
FAVOURITE FIVE: The most forgiving drivers to help you off the tee

Driver technology has come a seriously long way in recent years and pretty much every brand in golf now offers a more forgiving driver, suited to those players who want a high launch off the tee and can get away with not hitting the ball out the centre of the clubface every time.

There are loads of fantastic options out there if you're looking for forgiveness and we recommend you always try before you buy, but here is a list of our favourite forgiving drivers on the market.

TaylorMade SIM Max


This SIM Max driver offers maximum distance performance with a slightly larger TWIST FACE™. With a revolutionary new shape which provides faster clubhead speed and high MOI for improved forgiveness.

SPEED INJECTED™ Technology: The TaylorMade SIM driver has been strategically injected with a tuning resin which optimises the COR along the entire area of the face. This injection process achieves the best possible speed performance with the tightest possible tolerance to the legal limit of speed.

TWIST FACE™: This is a revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-centre hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots. Twist Face provides more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel to produce more consistent spin where golfers commonly mis-hit. The MAX has a slightly larger than standard TWIST FACE™area to help golfers who tend to miss-hit. This makes it much easier to produce straighter shots with more confidence.

Multi-Material Construction: TaylorMade has engineered the SIM with a new multi-material head design, with Carbon, Titanium and steel. This creates a discretionary weight that is positioned to provide an ultra-low CG location and a higher MOI for increased performance. The head features a revolutionary new shaping with an aerodynamic asymmetric sole and inertia generator. All designed to create faster clubhead speed with high MOI for improved forgiveness on miss-hit shots.




PING G410 Plus


When testing the PING G410 Plus driver, we found it to be one of the most forgiving on the market! The G410 Plus driver has an aerodynamic crown and more efficient turbulators, hotter forged face, and a moveable weight for custom shot shaping.

Aerodynamic Crown (with more efficient Turbulators): The shape of the crown and turbulators has been re-designed for better airflow efficiency, to reduce aerodynamic drag. These bolder crown turbulators and allow increased airflow for more clubhead speed, plus provides better alignment at the address point position.

Internal Dragonfly Technolgy: This driver features a Ti 811 ultra-thin crown with Internal Dragonfly Technology which improves weight savings. The weight saved in this construction increases the MOI for more forgiveness and distance than ever before.

Custom CG Positions: The rear shirt of the G410 Plus driver features a movable 16-gram weight, which can be located in 3 different positions to influence shot shaping. These 3 positions represent 10 yards of correction whether its a Draw, Fade or Neutral ball flight trajectory.


Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo


One of the best value for money drivers on the market, packed with forgiveness! The Launcher HB Turbo Driver delivers more speed off the tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives.

TURBOCHARGED CUP FACE: The new Turbocharged Cup Face, enhanced with a new variable face, provides higher COR over a larger impact area for increased ball speeds and more distance.

HiBORE CROWN: The redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the center-of-gravity (CG) by 2.2mm, enabling a lower CG position for optimal launch conditions.

DEEP WEIGHTING: Discretionary mass savings positioned for significant increases to MOI, delivering more speed. ULTRALIGHT HOSEL: External and internal weight reduction, redistributed low and deep for a higher launch and more forgiveness.

COUNTER BALANCED SHAFT DESIGN: Specifically designed for the Launcher HB Turbo Driver, the Miyazaki C. Kua’s center of gravity is relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.




The SPEEDZONE Driver is the Cobra`s fastest and most powerful driver with 6 unique zones of performance-enhancing attributes. The Xtreme features a slightly larger shape profile with more perimeter weighting and a 17-gram tungsten weight that sits back into the design to achieve Cobra’s highest measured MOI to date.


Cobra unique CNC Infinity Milled Face offers more performance, expanding the milled area of the face by 95% enabling them to control face and leading-edge thickness. Ensuring more of the face can be utilised for maximum ball speed.


For even more performance this driver hs a low centre of gravity, this is crucial for any driver to perform. The SPEEDZONE driver has a 69g of mass positioned low and deep into the clubhead, compared to 40g in the previous generation F9 Speedback. Delivering maximum ball speed, higher launch and low spin.


To give more strength the driver features a new Titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis. This chassis is engineered to maintain a strong head structure during high-speed impact. This structure allowed Cobra to use more carbon fibre, a 360 Carbon Wrap which takes up 50% of the driver's body. This construction saves discretionary weight which is then redistributed into the head for low CG and high inertia, to deliver more speed and forgiveness.


The SPEEDZONE driver is shaped to produce more clubhead speed, advanced aerodynamics harness airflow for maximum drag reduction. Combined with a High MOI Design to maximize stability on off-centre strikes for longer, straighter drives.


Wilson D7


Another driver that comes with fantastic value and is a great option for those players struggling with consistency off the tee!

The Wilson Staff D7 driver has been engineered with advanced materials and streamlined shape to give you the best possible distance performance.

Komposite Crown: 

This lightweight 192-gram crown has been constructed with Kevlar and Carbon Fibre material, this dynamically reduces weight, for maximum speed performance off the tee. The multi-layer construction also neutralises vibration at ball impact, for a crisp sharp sound and incredible feel.

Dynamic Launch Control

The D7 driver has weighting positioned where you need it the most, the higher lofted driver has weight towards the back and heel, to enable you to get the ball up quickly for a towering ball flight trajectory. The mid-lofted in the mid-sole, and the lower 9.0 driver has the mass concentrated more forward to give you more penetration ball flight trajectory.