Miura MB-101 irons - FIRST LOOK!

Miura releases its first blade iron since 2013. 

Miura MB-101 irons - FIRST LOOK!

Miura Golf has today introduced the MB-101, the newest addition to its catalogue of revered forged muscleback irons.

It marks the first new blade launched by the family-operated club maker since 2013.

Designed and forged by the Miura family in its Himeji, Japan factory, the MB-101 provides discerning golfers with the unrivaled Miura feel developed over six decades of craftsmanship. 

The MB-101 is the latest chapter in the Miura family’s perpetual pursuit of perfection. 

When Katsuhiro Miura first began forging irons in 1957, he dedicated his career to refining the classic iron. He has since been joined by sons Shinei and Yoshitaka, and the multigenerational collaboration has produced the finest premium clubs in the game. The factory doesn’t design clubs based on market trends or sales targets: Miura irons are produced solely by the pace of inspiration. 

“This is a model of which the entire Miura family can be proud,” said Shinei Miura. “My father is as passionate about the MB-101 as any club he has ever designed. Our hope is that it will be recognized as one of the finest irons our factory has ever produced and will remain in our model lineup for years to come.” 

Miura MB-101 irons - FIRST LOOK!

Incorporating the best characteristics of the Miura patriarch’s early designs, the MB-101 features the workability and feel expected from a Miura blade, with improved turf interaction and control. The thin sole, optimized from its predecessors, allows the club to cut through turf effortlessly. On crisp contact, the improved clubface provides a heightened feedback. 

As craftsmen, the Miura family adhere to the design philosophy kaizen, translated as continuous improvement.

Influenced by their father’s artistic vision of excellence, Shinei and Yoshitaka spent six years deconstructing the traditional blade down to its purest elements and resolved to optimize its performance and playability.

Shinei recognized that by altering the factory’s existing dies, although labor intensive and defying manufacturing norms, he could make subtle yet impactful refinements to the muscleback. 

The improvements to the MB-101 ensure the hosel and top-line of the clubface rest easily behind the ball at address, inspiring golfers’ confidence and trust in this pristine iron.

The delicate increase in sole width in concert with even distribution in weight and perfect harmony between hosel and clubface embodies Miura craftsmanship. 

“Miura’s reputation is centered on its history of crafting exceptional, championship- caliber blade irons, and the MB-101 continues that legacy,” said Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf. “The MB-101 reminds us that, for the golfer seeking legendary feel and maximum workability, Miura remains the best forged blade on the market.” 

Forged from premium S25C soft carbon steel and finished in satin chrome, the MB-101 is designed to visually and viscerally delight golf purists. The MB-101 set runs 3-PW and is available for $280 per iron.

Golfers can purchase the MB-101 and all other Miura products at authorized club fitters around the globe or fully assembled at www.Miuragolf.com


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