Swingless Golf Clubs: best suited to those with physical limitations

Swingless Golf Clubs: What are they, who are they aimed at, and are they any good?!

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Tue, 7 Mar 2023
Swingless Golf Clubs: best suited to those with physical limitations

Swingless golf clubs have been designed to help open up the game of golf to those that previously haven't had the opportunity to play due to physical limitations or inexperience.

The swingless golf club might be an illegal product to use in competition, but it's also a good option for someone who has never ever played golf before, or even someone who just wants to have a laugh out on the course with their mates.

Unlike one of the best golf drivers in 2023, which can help you hit the ball well over 200 yards on a regular basis, the swingless golf club can help you achieve yardages of up to 200 yards

So the beauty of a swingless golf club, such as the Power2Golf club, which we will discuss in more detail below, is that now anyone can play the game no matter their age, experience or physical limitation. 

The only other golf clubs you would need with you if you did decide to use this swingless golf club for full shots and shorter shorts on the course would be something like a chipper, such as the PING Chipr, to ensure you can still play those little chip shots around the green. 

You would also need to get your hands on a putter so you can hole out on the green. We recently tested out a number of the best golf putters to help you on that front. 

Key Features - Swingless Golf Club - Power2Golf

  • New model is shorter for better control and now in a glare-resistant black shaft
  • Grip upgraded with a new designer pleasing appearance
  • More power through improved technology

It also includes: 

  • x3 Free Play Packs (energy source for 3 rounds of golf)
  • x1 Custom head cover 
  • x1 Cleaner

(Photo: Power2Golf) 

Who is a swingless golf club aimed at? 

A swingless golf club is ideal for anyone who is physically limited, and just wants to still enjoy the game. 

The beauty of it is that you do not even need to swing the club. 

How do you use a swingless golf club? 

You just adjust the settings you require, line it up and then press a button to fire the golf ball towards your intended target. 

The swingless golf club has a lever at the back that allows you to change the power. 

You use some little power strips, like little bullets, and you insert them into the head. 

From there, you then pull the top to start it off, pull the safety catch, and then hit the trigger button. 

You have to unclip the cartridge and then put the next one in each time you go to fire the club, which can somewhat slow the process down.

This is something that golf YouTube sensation Rick Shiels highlights in his video review at the bottom of this page. 

How far can you hit a swingless golf club? 

You can hit the golf ball from around 50 to 200 yards according to Power2Golf, depending on which cartridge / bullet you use. 

In Shiels' recent video review, he managed to achieve a top yardage of 195 yards, so very close to what Power2Golf claims on its website. 

(Photo: Rick Shiels / YouTube) 

Can you draw/fade a swingless golf club?

Surprisingly, yes. Again, this is something that Shiels discusses in his video review. 

If you angle the head, it can have an impact on the shape of it. This changes the lie angle, effectively. 

To draw the ball, you drop the handle lower to feel like the face is pointing more left. 

To fade the ball, you lift the handle much higher so the lie is more to the right. 

What's the swingless golf club like in the rough?

It still does a very good job, it just depends how much grass is trapped between the face of the swingless golf club and the golf ball. 

Shiels highlights the swingless golf club's strength in the rough in his video review below. 

Is a swingless golf club legal in competition?

No, you cannot use this swingless golf club in a competition otherwise you would be disqualified. 

You can use this swingless golf club on the course in pratice or in friendly matches with friends, though. 

How much does a swingless golf club cost? 

They do not come cheap. You can pick up a swingless Power2Golf club for $1.195


Rick Shiels has tested out a swingless golf club before, and here's what he had to say about it: