TaylorMade announce new P·770, P·7MC and P·7MB irons

TaylorMade has completed the impressive iron family that began with the P·790s, building their designs around feel, craftsmanship and performance.

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Tue, 6 Dec 2022
TaylorMade announce new P·770, P·7MC and P·7MB irons

TaylorMade has announced the latest evolution of its P·700 Series with the all-new P·770, P·7MC and P·7MB irons.

The three new iron sets join the P·790 irons to form the full family built around the company's three main pillars: feel, craftsmanship and performance.

The new P·770 (£165 per iron, available to pre-order from 6/12/22, retail beginning 20/01/23) has a compact and tour-proven shape with a thin top line. It has less offset in long irons and a shorter blade length when compared with the P·790.

With a hollow body construction and a forged L-face, the P·770 of 2023 aims to deliver elevated distance, forgiveness and excellent feel in a smaller-sized head.

P·770 features FLTD CG, a strategic design that positions the centre of gravity lowest in long irons and progressively shifts it higher throughout the set to the shorter irons.

The tungsten weighting scheme in the long and middle irons has been redesigned, shifting more weight to the longer irons’ low tungsten mass, and a reduction in the middle irons’ tungsten, resulting in an ascending CG through the set.

The sound and feel of the P·770s are pristine with the addition of SpeedFoam Air, the technology introduced in 2021 with the launch of the P·790 iron.

SpeedFoam Air dampens sound and strategically supports the face with a material 69 per cent less dense than SpeedFoam, which was seen in the prior generation of P·770.

In addition to the added speed made possible by the thinnest P·770 face TaylorMade has produced, the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Inverted Cone Technology help unlock increased ball speed across the face and forgiveness low in the face.

With precision playability and a pinch of forgiveness, every angle of the all-new P·7MC iron (£165 per iron, available to pre-order from 6/12/22, retail beginning 20/01/23) is meticulously scrutinised to meet the performance demands of the best ball-strikers.

The tour-inspired P·7MC fits the eye of discerning players. With minimal offset and perimeter weighting, this classically shaped iron delivers ultimate control. A narrow sole and tight leading edge ensure consistency through the turf.

TaylorMade’s Compact Grain Forging process uses 2,000 tons of pressure, more than double the industry standard. Used in both P·7MC and P·7MB, the additional force gave TaylorMade engineers precision control at a micro level, producing tighter grain structure for the best feel and strength.

Compact Grain Forging delivers a refined composition inside and out. The sophisticated craftsmanship created a satin finish and forged "Metal-T" within the cavity back, creating the recognisable look of a TaylorMade iron.

Precision in P·7MC is paramount, which is why the face of this iron is machined. Machining the face ensures precision and quality with TaylorMade’s most aggressive scoreline geometry for exacting shot-making.

The all-new P·7MB iron (£165 per iron, available to pre-order from 6/12/22, retail beginning 20/01/23) was designed for the best ball-strikers in the world who want surgical control and precision shot-making. Each strike with P·7MB is sensory overload, delivering super feedback and a best-in-class feel.

As a result of detailed feedback from testing with PGA Tour players such as Rory McIlroy and Collin Morikawa, P·7MB features a shorter blade length, brand-new sole geometry and progressive offset to create a minimalist profile designed to control shot shape and trajectory.

The sole of P·7MB is one millimetre narrower than before, meaning TaylorMade engineers had to add more bounce to the leading edge which creates a completely different sensation through the turf.

P·7MB is a seamless blend of traditional muscle back iron performance with a contemporary look and design. The shorter blade length of P·7MB allowed TaylorMade engineers to create an updated back bar using symmetrical geometry.

This allows for more mass to be positioned directly behind the face to support the point of impact and elevate the feel. This design creates a timeless look both in the playing position and in the bag.