Tiger Woods ahead of his return: "I may switch to a yellow golf ball"

Tiger Woods' caddie Joe LaCava reveals some hilarious one-liners from his boss! 

Tiger Woods ahead of his return: "I may use a yellow golf ball"
Tiger Woods ahead of his return: "I may use a yellow golf ball"

Tiger Woods has joked he may start using a yellow golf ball when he returns to action after watching his good friend Fred Couples shoot a final-round 12-under 60 to win the SAS Championship on the PGA Tour Champions earlier this month. 

Woods was locked to his television screen two weeks ago as he watched Couples birdie the final seven holes and march to his first victory on the senior circuit since 2017. 

It also explained why Justin Thomas was initially baffled when he phoned Woods for a conversation about a certain NFL game that was happening that Sunday. 

"I think [Couples] was on 17 or 18 and Tiger called me," recalled Thomas, who at time was watching the Kansas City Chief vs Buffalo Bills game. 

"He’s like, ‘Are you watching this?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, pretty good game.’ He’s like, ‘No, Freddie’s 11 under and he’s playing 18.'"

Woods' caddie Joe LaCava spoke more about Tiger's infatuation for all things Freddie during an interview with PGA Tour SiriusXM earlier this week. 

"I did follow it [Couples’ round] on my phone, and I got a little excited because I got a text from my current boss, Tiger, who said, ‘Are you watching?’" said LaCava, who used to caddie for Couples. 
"I knew exactly what he meant and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m watching the Giants get another victory.’"
"Tiger said, ‘No, you idiot, I’m talking about Fred,’" LaCava said.
"I said, ‘I know what you’re talking about.’"



Woods then made a huge revelation after seeing Couples drain birdie putts for fun. 

"He says, ‘I may switch to the yellow ball the way this thing is rolling in the cup'."

Couples, like Woods, plays a Bridgestone Golf ball.

Only Freddie uses a TOUR B RXS while Tiger plays a white TOUR B XS

A number of other golfing legends also use a yellow golf ball these days, including four-time major champion Ernie Els.

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Players who use a yellow golf ball on Tour have commented how there are visual benefits to using one over a white golf ball. 

For us amateur hacks, it also makes it easier to find in the rough! 

Tiger then also joked he was pleased Couples got the better of YE Yang, who defeated Woods to the 2009 US PGA Championship. 

"He said, ‘Thank gosh somebody else can beat Y.E. Yang, because I couldn’t.’"

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Tiger Woods ahead of his return:

Woods has yet to confirm his participation in his annual Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas in early December, but here is some hope he will be a last-minute entry into the field. 

It is also anticipated that Woods will partner with his beefed-up son Charlie Woods in the annual father-son PNC Championship just before Christmas.

Woods was recently seen caddying for Charlie in a tournament, but one observer noted he still did not look right as he continues to recover from his horror car crash in Los Angeles back in February 2021.

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