Wilson Staff re-model DX2 and DX3 balls for 2018

Wilson Staff DX2 and DX3 golf balls get facelift for the new year. 

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Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Wilson Staff re-model DX2 and DX3 balls for 2018

Wilson Staff has re-designed the DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin balls for 2018.

The DX2 soft - which is said to be the world’s softest ball at 29 compression - is 3% larger in its core size for more speed.

It also has a softer and thinner Sodium/Zinc ionomer cover for more distance and durability.

Wilson say this two-piece ball is the lowest spinning on the market, for accuracy off the tee.


The DX3 Soft Spin - which has a compression of 40 - is the world’s soften multi-layer ball, according to Wilson. It has a new inner core for lower spin from the driver in 2018.

Wilson say this is the longest and softest compression of any three-piece Surlyn ball, combined with a new HPF blend mantle and softer Surlyn cover for more spin on approach shots.

“The re-construction of both the DX2 Soft and DX3 Soft Spin golf balls has produced incredible performance statistics measured against similar golf balls on the market,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Innovation for Wilson Golf Balls.

“Every Wilson Staff DX ball is the world’s softest compression ball in its category and  continues to be at the forefront of golf ball technology,” he added.

Both balls have improved dimples for higher trajectory and more distance.


Alongside these two balls in the DX family comes the DX2 Optix in matte finish, and a DX3 Urethane.

DX2 Soft - £19.99 per dozen
DX3 Soft Spin - £27.99
DX3 Urethane - £34.99
DX2 Optix - £19.99