R1-S Push Trolley review

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Thu, 2 Jun 2016
stewart golf r1-s push trolley

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Easy to assemble and collapse, stable on the course
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PRICE: £199.00 YEAR: from 2016

R1-S Push Trolley review

We labelled the Stewart Golf Z1 the BMW of push trolleys, the R1 was elevated to an Aston Martin, so what do we call the R1-S Push? A chauffeured Rolls Royce, perhaps?

A brand that is synonymous with quality and performance, Stewart Golf has raised what was already a lofty bar with the R1-S Push.


Stewart Golf was inundated with requests for more colour options, and the brand has responded emphatically.

There’s no need to go for bland colours this summer, with the new trolley coming out in 15 colour variations. Five different wheel colours are available, and the handle knob matches your choice of wheels.

Whatever colour you choose, the black body oozes class, as does the white if that's your thing - the overall aesthetic reeks of quality.

Unfolded, the trolley is slim-lined and chic, and it folds down into a small box shape for easy transportation.


Along with new colours, Stewart Golf has improved more than 40 aspects of the design/build of the product since it launched two years ago, all of which are employed in the R1-S.

The most important aspect of a trolley is its performance out on the course, followed closely by efficiency of folding and unfolding. In both categories, the R1-S gets full marks.

The adjustable and padded bag jaws make sure your valuables are secured in place with a few pulls here and there.

The R1-S can accommodate any bag, whether that be a pencil or the largest Tour bag.

When you get moving, the ride is a stable and smooth one. The wheels seem to be able to traverse any terrain, and also provide decent grip, even in slightly wet conditions.

When it comes to assembling the trolley, the company’s Rack and Pinion system allows users to unpack the product in seconds. It’s the same deal with folding the trolley, as well.

You may need to take a little while longer on your first attempt, but once you know what to push and pull, you’ll be throwing it out like a pop-up tent.

The foot break works well, and is particularly useful on hilly courses – of which we have many in the UK.

There are a host of added extras which you would expect to come with a market leading trolley. Umbrella holder, ball holder, scorecard holder, ball marker four accessory points – Stewart Golf has covered every corner. The wheels are also easy to take off, if you wanted to replace them.

Built by hand in Gloucestershire, the trolley is finished superbly, complementing the sleek design.


One of the leading push trolleys on the market, thanks to superb aesthetics and premium performance.

Stable on the course, fast and simple to assemble and collapse – and with numerous added extras.

Stewart Golf strikes again.

Head to the Stewart Golf website for more information.