Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way golf bag review

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Wed, 26 Oct 2016
Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way golf bag review

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Serious waterproof cover, Zero G-Belt works, classy aesthetics
Top end of the price range
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PRICE: £219.00 YEAR: from 2016

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way golf bag review

Waterproof jackets and trousers are essential pieces of kit for every golfer, and alongside them should be a decent waterproof bag.


While your waterproof suit may be keeping you bone dry, you can kiss that good score goodbye if you’re struggling to grip clubs due wet grips.

Enter the Sun Mountain H2NO 14-way stand bag. But it’s not just the waterproof feature we’re impressed by…

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way golf bag review



A fairly standard stand bag design, but all the trimmings ooze class. There’s no doubt this is a premium product.

When sat down the G-Belt can look a tad ungainly, as it breaks the natural silhouette of the bag. This shouldn’t bother many, however.


The Zero G-Belt works – plain and simple. Perhaps viewed as a fad by some – we must admit we were sceptical – but you will feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders when bolted in.

The belt, which costs an acceptable £19.99, can be fitted to any Sun Mountain bag that has a hip pad. When on the move, players clip themselves in, allowing the lower torso to take the weight off your shoulders.

We’ve all finished a round and had sore shoulders – particularly in the winter when carrying waterproofs – and this tech hopes to eliminate that.

It’s easy to do up and take off, and can be easily adjusted. If you are only walking a short distance and do not fasten the belt, it can be a bit of a nuisance as the straps flap around, but this shouldn’t happen too often.

We also like the fact the bag felt more attached to us thanks to the belt. When the wind gets up carry bags can act like a kite causing the golfer to battle the wind, but this will help with that. 

The bag itself is equally as impressive. We tested this in some treacherous conditions, but the bag was up to the challenge.

Able to withstand 2,000mm of water, our clubs were kept dry despite a serious dump of rain, and we were able to put the head cover on and off fast..

The zips are all sealed in a sturdy material, stopping any liquid getting in, and seem incredibly durable.

The legs can be fastened together which is useful for transport or when using a trolley or cart, and the straps are easy to adjust, while offering a decent level of comfort.

The 14-spaces for your clubs offer ample room for each stick – and you will immediately know if you’re carrying too many!

Five pockets means you'll not be in need of space, and players can put valuables such as phones in the lined pocket, without fear of scratching.

It’s not the lightest in the market at five pounds (2.27kg) but it’s hardly on the heavy side – and the Zero-G Belt takes most of the weight, anyway.


A leading waterproof bag for 2016. The Zero-G Belt gives golfers’ shoulders a welcome break, and will help keep you loose through 18 holes – and maybe even more.

Stands up to terrible weather with ease, and looks the part, oozing class and premium quality.

Every player needs a waterproof bag – and you’ll be hard pressed to find one better.

Head to the Sun Mountain website for more information.