Cobra Golf launch new KING TEC HYBRID with advanced technologies

Cobra Golf have unveiled the new KING TEC Hybrid which is the newest addition to the KING players' family.

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021
Cobra Golf launch new KING TEC HYBRID with advanced technologies

Cobra Golf have released their new KING TEC Hybrid with advanced technologies to deliver exceptional distance, forgiveness and control.

Packed with innovative technologies, the KING TEC Hybrid (£239) is designed for better players who seek a utility club that delivers reliable carry distance and enhanced forgiveness off the tee and on longer approach shots into par 5's.

The KING TEC Hybrid is the only hybrid in Cobra's lineup to feature a PWRSHELL Face design. The innovative design utilizes a thin, forged 455 stainless steel L-cup insert that is hyper-flexible to promote faster ball speed and higher launch across the face.

In addition, the KING TEC hybrid features a Carbon Fiber Crown that saves 10g and is repositioned low and back within the clubhead to a lower centre of gravity.

Together, both technologies achieve the best combination of high launch, reduced spin, longer carry distance and softer landing into greens.

A slightly oversized profile aids in forgiveness, while a more square leading edge provides a pleasing look at address and gives players confidence to execute precise and controlled ball flights.

To optimize performance for an even wider range of golfers, the KING TEC Hybrid features an Adjustable Weight and Loft System.

The hybrid features three adjustable weights that can be positioned in the toe (for a fade-biased ball flight), heel (for a draw-biased ball flight) or front setting for a neutral and lower launching ball flight.

"We're excited to bring MYFLY technology and adjustability to our hybrids," said Jose Miraflor, Vice President, Marketing Product Architecture, Cobra Golf.

"The ability to fine-tune your trajectory while gaining more distance is what better players look to achieve."

Each KING TEC Hybrid is equipped with a COBRA CONNECT Grip powered by Arccos Caddie. Users can download the Arccos Caddie app on their smart device and pair their clubs to track their shot data and improvement.

The KING TEC Hybrid is available in right and left hand in four different lofts: a 17° 2H, a 19° 3H, a 21° 4H and a 24° 5H. Each hybrid is equipped with either a Mitsubishi Chemical MMT 80 graphite hybrid shaft in extra-stiff, stiff flex and an MMT 70 in regular flex.