PING G430 LST Driver Review: The PERFECT low spin club of the year?!

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge and Reviews Editor Matt Chivers take a look at the new PING G430 LST driver.

Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?
Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?
- There is a clear improvement in sound and feel in the PING G430 LST driver.
- This model has more forgiveness across the face.
- The older G425 model was marginally faster.
- The turbulators and design looking down at address aren't for everyone.

The new PING G430 family of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have been constructed to unlock more speed and distance with a number of engineering innovations.

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There are three new drivers in the G430 family: the Max, the LST and the SFT. PING's engineering team have used several new technologies common to all three models with specific advancements to each head.

We take a look at the LST model with Low Spin Technology. Each driver will become available on January 27 and the LST will be available at £575 in lofts of 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

Carbonfly Wrap technology is the name of the game with the G430 family and it also exists in the fairway woods which helps to deliver more distance by positioning the centre of gravity closer to the force line.

Take a look below at our PING G430 LST driver review on YouTube and leave any questions and comments in the comments section below the video.




What is the PING G430 LST driver all about?

The LST driver uses Carbonfly Wrap, a lightweight composite that covers the crown and wraps to the heel/toe section of the skirt to save weight and lower the centre of gravity for more ball speed, less spin and a higher MOI.

This driver comes with an eight-layer, one-piece composite which saves 4g. The moveable 22g high-density tungsten back weight manipulates shot shaping between the draw, neutral and fade settings.

Which golfer suits the PING G430 LST driver?

The PING G430 LST driver will improve your ball striking and increase your distance. It is also not a particularly hard club to hit and the new technology instilled increased forgiveness.

Therefore, we don't believe this driver suits one golfer in particular. If you get too much spin off the tee, this low-spinning model would suit you. In terms of performance, this driver would suit both mid and low-handicappers.

Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?
Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?

Looks and feel

PING has adopted a slightly different approach with the colour scheme of this driver. It is predominantly black with hints of yellow which is more colourful than previous PING models. The face is shallower and thinner too in 2023 with the variable thickness design.

In terms of feel, this could be the best driver of 2023. Even with off-centre hits, we loved the sound and feel across the club face and this will appeal to many golfers.

With the Carbonfly Wrap and the titanium materials in the club head, the look down at address may not please everyone because the colours of each section aren't blended.

Performance and forgiveness

One key improvement we saw in the PING G430 was the sound and connection from the club face. The sound of the older G425 face wasn't great, so PING has upped its game in this department.

By fixing the sound and making the driver more forgiving across the club face, this low-spinning model has evolved into a ball-striking beast.

In the golf studio at Gray's Golf, we achieved up to 180 mph ball speed. This is not as fast as the new big sticks from TaylorMade and Callaway, but it is still impressive and excelled in consistency.

Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?
Is The PING G430 LST The PERFECT Low Spin Driver for 2023?

Our dispersion with the PING G430 LST driver was impressive and we enjoyed the new ball-striking properties. The changeable weight in the back of the club also helps to optimise the driver to suit your ball flight.


To summarise our thoughts on the PING G430 LST driver, we loved it. As you can see from our video review above, our ball-striking and accuracy on the course and at Gray's Golf were very impressive.

With the changeable weight, you can manipulate this driver to suit your ball flight and this is just one feature that PING included to enhance this model when compared with the old G425 driver.

Although it isn't as fast as the Callaway Paradym or TaylorMade Stealth 2 drivers, we were still impressed with marks of 180 mph and we were still carrying it over 300 yards.

This driver is expensive at £575, but this new model represents a significant improvement in sound, feel and performance and it is set to become a very popular driver in 2023.

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