PXG 0211 Driver Review: "The best value big dog of the year"

Alex from GolfMagic visited PXG at the Berkshire to review their 0211 driver which could be the best value driver of the year.

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 6 May 2022
Could this be your NEW DRIVER? | PXG 0211 Driver Review

Need To Know

- The PXG 0211 driver offers incredible value for money at just £205.
- Low handicappers and professionals may prefer something more powerful to suit their game.
Our score:
PRICE: £205.00 YEAR: from 2022

PXG 0211 Driver - Key Features

  • High Speed Face: made from high-strength Ti412 titanium alloy to generate significant face deflection and spring to create ultra-fast ball speed
  • High Modal Frequency Design: mass is shifted low and back, creating a clubhead geometry that generates high frequency vibrations
  • Robotic Polishing: imparts corrective launch and spin for ideal ball flight on off-centre hits
  • Adjustable Hosel: change the loft (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory

PXG may very well have launched the best value golf driver in the game today with its 0211 Driver. 

The PXG 0211 Driver for 2022 has been made by a luxury brand but sold at a very reasonable price of £205, and for that reason, it deserves recognition in our Best Golf Drivers buyer guide. 

PXG's latest driver is significantly cheaper than the TaylorMade Stealth Driver and the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver, but still delivers in forgiveness and overall performance.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge gives you his verdict on the PXG 0211 Driver in the following video review. 

Player Level

The PXG 0211 Driver can suit any golfer but it will best suit players with mid-to-high handicaps due to its forgiveness. Professional golfers will prefer a driver with much more workability and power off the face. 


PXG 0211 Driver - Looks and Feel 

The all-black design and the multi-material finish in the crown are very stylish, but it's fair to say the shape of the head is smaller than that of the elongated Callaway Rogue ST Max. 

There is a shade of light grey in the back of the club which makes the dark black shade at the front stand out.

Alex claims this is very aesthetically pleasing driver.

In terms of sound and feel of the 0211 Driver, it can be likened to the PING G425 Driver. It's quite a loud, harsh sound at impact. 

Alex outlines that the feel you receive off the club face with the 0211 Driver is certainly the main difference when it comes to the game's best drivers right now. 

Others are much more impressive, but you would expect that somewhat given the price range. 

PXG 0211 Driver - Performance and Forgiveness

Alex averaged over 284 yards with this driver and his ball speed was extremely consistent, too.

This total distance though pales into insignificance compared to some of the latest drivers Alex has tested. 

In Alex's custom fitting session, he achieved an average ball speed of 175 mph. The correct shaft and head combination allowed Alex to maximise his performance with this cheap but effective driver.

When Alex found the toe or the heel of the club, he received instant feedback.

However, he found that his misses were a lot straighter and his dispersion had improved.

With a low centre of gravity and a high MOI design, PXG has focused on delivering forgiveness and consistent dispersion - and on the whole, this driver delivers just that. 

It's by no means the longest driver out there, but it's very forgiving and you could argue that is most important to many amateur golfers. 

Should you buy the PXG 0211 Driver? 

The PXG 0211 Driver is perfect for golfers who aren't looking to spend large sums of money on a new driver.

You won't find a better driver than the PXG 0211 driver for such a low price.

This driver can suit any golfer but it will best suit players with mid-to-high handicaps. Professional golfers will likely prefer a driver with more workability and power off the face. 

If you take anything away from our PXG 0211 Driver review, let it be the importance of golf custom fitting, which we always say, especially when it comes to your driver and irons. 

With the weight in the back of the club, this helps with forgiveness too. This club may not suit the very best players in the game, but it is certainly a great option for amateur golfers looking for a driver of great value.