The FIVE BEST Cobra Golf clubs to add to your bag in 2021

Cobra Golf has one of the most impressive club ranges this year, so check out our favourites.

The FIVE BEST Cobra Golf clubs to add to your bag in 2021

In the modern era of golf, Cobra has become one of the leading brands, especially when it comes to drivers. But it's not just high-quality drivers that Cobra produces, as the brand is now competing with pretty much every club in the bag.

Metalwoods, irons and wedges are now all areas that Cobra Golf are excelling in and in 2021, there are some incredible clubs to choose from.

So if you're in the market for some new clubs this year and you love the Cobra brand as much as we do, check out some of our favourite clubs that are available this year.


Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

There are three RADSPEED models to choose from in 2021, but it's the XB model that we like the most! The Cobra RADSPEED XB is one of three new driver models and is aimed at the player who values forgiveness above all else. With the CG placed much further back in the head than on the standard RADSPEED this driver is designed to hit the ball straight time after time. This hasn’t come at the expense of distance though and Cobra say the XB model produce more ball speed than any driver they have released. If you liked the SZ Xtreme you will absolutely love the RADSPEED XB.  The driver takes its name from a popular engineering concept called Radius of Gyration, which is the distance from the Centre of Gravity to the position of the technology. The Cobra R&D team found that by increasing both the Radius of Gyration and the distance between the front and back clubhead weights, they could create a blend of speed, forgiveness and spin control that had not been achieved before.


Cobra KING Utility Graphite

Introducing the Cobra KING Utility - Classic looks fuse with modern technology in a utility iron that blends distance and playability in a muscle back shape. A classic, muscle-back shape conceals an unassuming hollow core that delivers low CG and controlled distance for maximum playability. A forged face insert creates a larger sweet zone for higher launch and faster ball speed in a compact shape. Tungsten toe weighting centres the CG behind the hitting zone to maximize distance and precision, even on off-centre hits. Eight easily adjustable loft settings help you manage trajectory and fine-tune launch to maximize distance. 


Cobra KING Snakebite Chrome Wedge

Introducing the New, Cobra Snakebite wedge with a cutting-edge groove design which is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘bite’ around the greens. Instead of a traditional cutting tool to produce the grooves, Cobra has re-engineered this cutting method to tighten the level of tolerance. Maximizing groove volume and creating a sharper and more accurate groove for increased ball spin. Snakebite wedge grooves depth are increased by 11%, sharpened edges by 40% , designed with progressive grooves which means wider grooves and closer gapping on higher lofted wedges, and traditional thinner, deeper grooves on lower lofted wedges. The wider groove design results in the higher lofted wedges (56-60) to grab the ball to produce more spin, and make spin performance more consistent.


Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid

The new Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid is a bit of a design depature from the last few Cobra models. The F9 and SZ hybrids were very much ‘weight back’ clubs, designed to be ultra-forgiving and easy to control. This year Cobra have flipped the design on its head and have opted for much more a CG forward design which brings a more penetrating flight and bigger distances. The Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid benefits from forged insert set into the face and produces exceptional ball speeds. The now familiar rails are once again present on the sole of the hybrid but have now been made hollow saving 10 grams of weight to be redistributed more effectively throughout the club head. The rails have been proven to improve turf interaction and have stabilising effect on the club head as it contacts the ground. 


Cobra KING Forged Tec Copper Irons

Designed for players who put a premium on distance while still desiring the precision and feel of a compact iron shape. The design combines a fully hollow construction into a shape that resembles a classic muscleback that appeals to better players. The hollow core is infused with foam microspheres to yield a soft feel and fine-tuned acoustics throughout the set. To add to the distance-enhancing technologies, a forged PWRSHELL face insert maximizes launch and speed across the face and on the sole. An internal tungsten toe weight improves stability on off-center toe hits and centers the CG resulting in precision with forgiveness.




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