Arccos Golf introduce LIMITED-RELEASE 'black-edition' link wearable

This is a new, game-changing wearable that allows Arccos members to automatically capture shot data without having to carry a smartphone on the course.

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Thu, 3 Jun 2021
Arccos Golf introduce LIMITED-RELEASE 'black-edition' link wearable

Arccos, the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf, have launched a Black Edition of Arccos Caddie Link.

The company have introduced this game-changing wearable that allows Arccos members to automatically capture shot data without having to carry a smartphone on the course.

Manufactured in a limited batch of only 2,000 units, the Black Edition Link, which will cost £119.99, showcases a matte-black finish to provide golfers with a sleek, stealth looking option.

First introduced in July 2020, Link instantly became a 'must have' for golfers who recognise that a data-driven approach is the quickest way to improve their scores.

The ultra-lightweight device allows golfers to play the game their way, with the choice of keeping a smartphone in their golf cart, bag, back pocket or elsewhere.

Now used by tens of thousands of Arccos Caddie members worldwide, Link is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Worn on a player's belt, waistband or pocket, Link seamlessly pairs with the Arccos Caddie app and sensors to track shots in real-time, including the club used and precise GPS location.

It then automatically transfers that data to a user's smartphone via Bluetooth, either during or after a round.

"Link is a simple, yet sophisticated piece of hardware that our engineers custom-built from the ground up to suit the needs of Arccos members around the world," said Steve Obsitnik, the Arccos President and COO.

"It truly allows every player to customise their on-course experience by engaging with their smartphone only if and when they choose."



Weighing less than 25 grams, Link has a 10-hour battery life and quickly charges via a standard micro-USB cable. Additional functionality includes the ability for a player to mark the hole location by simply pushing a button while standing next to the pin.

Being golf's first Artificial Intelligence platform, Arccos Caddie automatically tracks your shots while delivering in-round insights and post-round Strokes Gained Analytics.

The system includes the world’s first A.I. powered rangefinder, smart distance club averages for each club and caddie advice for any hole on earth.