Cobra King Tour Irons: "The most underrated irons of 2023"

Power, precision and buttery soft feel - the new Cobra King irons might just be the most underrated irons of 2023

Cobra King Tour Irons
Cobra King Tour Irons
Great consistency on distance even with mishits; sleek profile looks fantastic behind the ball for players who prefer a thin top line; high launch allows for good stopping power on the greens
Excellent distance, but potentially too much for what we would ideally want from a 7 iron

Cobra King Tour Irons - Key Features

  • Updated tour shape: a slightly shortened blade length designed to inspire improved control and workability
  • 5-Step forged: adding an additional step to the traditional 4-step forged process provides a more uniform grain structure and precise head shape
  • CNC Milled Undercuts: placed in the back of each iron, the undercuts allow weight to be relocated for a lower CG and improved launch
  • TPU Inserts: filling the cavity at the back of the club, the TPU material topped with an aluminium co-mold medallion reduces vibrations for improved sound and feel

Favoured by PGA Tour pro Rickie Fowler, the new Cobra King Tour irons maintain the profile of an elite player iron, while providing the forgiveness and distance we have come to expect from a players-distance iron. A good combination. One so good in fact we think they could be the most underrated irons of 2023.

We were so impressed by the performance of these irons that they have gone straight in our best golf irons guide for 2023.

If you prefer the look of a players iron but can't bring yourself to sacrifice the forgiveness on offer from a slightly chunkier club head, we might just have the club for you.

Targeted at players ranging from scratch to a 7-handicap, the profile and looks at address could certainly intimidate some golfers, but all it takes is a few swings to realise there is more to these irons than meets the eye.

During testing we were able to generate excellent carry distance that remained solid even on mishits. Although dispersion left to right was slightly wider than you would get from a pure game improvement iron, we had no trouble at all getting these clubs to launch high and land soft.


Player Level

The Cobra King Tour irons are aimed at low single figure handicappers who don't struggle to find the middle of the face at impact. While these irons certainly suit that golfer thanks to their refined profile and workability, we think they could also be suited to a slightly higher handicapped golfer who prefers the looks of a Tour iron but also wants some added distance and forgiveness.
Cobra King Tour Irons
Cobra King Tour Irons

Cobra King Tour Irons - Looks and Feel

The Cobra King Tour irons look great and feel even better. The minimal offset and thin top line could perhaps be intimidating to some players, but there's no getting away from how good it looks. 
While the back of the club is kept relatively simple in design, sometimes simple is best and that's definitely the case here. Although perhaps not quite as sleek as the TaylorMade P 770s, these irons are certainly up there with the best of the bunch in the looks department.
Thanks to the 5-step forging process these irons feel hot off the face with plenty of feedback. You certainly know when you have hit one out of the toe or heel, but when it comes out of the middle, you can really feel the softness you expect from a forged iron.

Cobra King Tour - Forgiveness and Performance

We were really surprised by two things when we tested these clubs. Firstly, despite being a club aimed at low single figure handicappers, we achieved the distance we would typically expect from a players-distance iron like the Srixon ZX5 or the TaylorMade P790
Using a 7-iron, we achieved ball speeds of 135 mph with carry distances of 195 yards and total distance of 204 yards, while the numbers were impressive, this may be a little too much distance for a 7-iron even if Bryson DeChambeau would happily tell you otherwise. 
While 195 yards does seem like a long way to hit a 7-iron, and it really is, the stopping power on these clubs was excellent. Thanks to the CNC milled undercuts, weight has been moved lower and closer to the front of the club, which will allow you to launch the ball high and stop fast, ideal for keeping the ball on the green. 
The second thing that surprised us about the Cobra King Tour irons was the forgiveness on offer. Left to right we did notice the level of dispersion you would expect from a players iron, with shots out of the toe or heel, rightfully drifting off target. However, as far as loss in distance is concerned, these clubs showed very little drop off at only a 5% loss in yardage on poor strikes. 
It's this retention of ball speed across the face which has led us to believe that the level of player these clubs could work for is actually a bit wider than Cobra claim. 
Should you buy the Cobra King Tour Irons?
If you want the sleek compact looks of a players iron with the increased power and forgiveness of a players distance iron, then you should certainly consider the Cobra King Tour irons when you next get fit. 
Good looks, good price point and excellent performance are all boxes that the King Tour's can tick. Throw the buttery soft sensation of flushing a forged iron into the mix and we think Cobra have created one of the best irons of the year and without a doubt the most underrated. 
As with all of our other club reviews, we would always recommend going to get a custom fit when purchasing a new set of irons, as it's the best and most effective way of ensuring not only do you get the right clubs to suit your game, but also that your money is being spent wisely. 

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