PING Blueprint S Irons Review

GolfMagic tests out the new PING Blueprint S irons.

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Tue, 9 Jan 2024
PING Blueprint S Irons

Need To Know

One of the best-looking irons of 2024, incredibly consistent performance, lovely forged feel
Mis-hits suitably punished in terms of feel, chrome strip may not be to everyone's taste
Our score:
PRICE: £1400.00 YEAR: from 2024

PING Blueprint S Irons Key Features:

  • Elastomer insert: concealed in the pocket of the irons, ensuring the solid feel and sound expected in a forged player iron
  • Precision Pocket Forging: forged into the cavity of the 3, 4 and 5 irons. The pocket saves 10 grams of weight, which is reallocated to increase the MOI and optimise the centre of gravity position for more distance and trajectory control.
  • Forged 8620 carbon steel head: provides premium levels of feel and performance

It's tough to keep a new product a secret when multiple Tour players win with it, and that's precisely what has happened to PING with its new line of Blueprint Irons. 

Both Sahith Theegala and Louis Oosthuizen have tasted victory using the Blueprint S irons, which has caused a rather large spotlight to be shone on the clubs. 

While PING would have no doubt liked to keep the irons a secret, the number of players who have already switched to them tells you almost everything you need to know about how impressive they are. 

Aimed at better players, the Blueprint S irons feature a forged cavity back design, which has been inspired by PING's long line of tour-proven “S” series irons.

In terms of target audience, the Blueprint S irons are aimed at golfers who are looking for a forged, blade-style iron that’s a little easier to hit but still delivers the look and feel expected in a blade.

Having seen these irons be used to devastating effect on Tour, we couldn't wait to see how they performed, so we took them to the beautiful La Hacienda Links course for some green grass testing before putting them through their paces at Custom Golf Works in Surrey.

Let's get into it. 

Player Level

Featuring a short blade length and player profile, these clubs are best suited to better players who demand elite levels of feel and workability. Although they are beautiful, hackers avert your eyes; these aren't for you. 

PING Blueprint S Irons: Looks and Feel

Let's get one thing straight: these clubs look fantastic. 

Typically, when it comes to players' irons, we prefer the look of a blade; however, by combining both a satin and chrome finish with a well-crafted cavity, the designers at PING have constructed a cavity back profile that looks absolutely beautiful.

If you're someone who prefers the cleaner aesthetic of a muscle back or a blade, then these might not quite be to your taste; however, if the reassuring sight of a cavity back suits your eye, then these are some of the best-looking on the market. 

The traditional pointed toe that has characterised PING irons has remained, as well as the cutout near the hosel, which has become one of the brand's trademarks. 

Looking down at address, these irons are certainly on the more intimidating end of the scale, with minimal offset and a sharp topline, but what else would you expect from a set of irons based on extensive Tour feedback?

Featuring a short blade length from heel to toe, the ball is framed very nicely, and it will certainly give you a clear indication of where the middle of the club face is. 

We've been critical of the feel of PING irons in the past, but we have to say there has been a marked improvement in recent years, and the Blueprint S irons are definitely some of the nicest feeling irons we have seen from the brand. 

The old PING feel is certainly still present on mis-hits; however, struck from the centre, there is a lovely soft sensation you would expect from a forged iron. 

PING Blueprint S Irons: Performance and Forgiveness

Player's irons are reserved for the very best ball strikers in the world, so it's always interesting to see which models are most used on Tour. Typically, golfers are reluctant to switch out their irons too regularly, with hours typically spent fine-tuning club setups. 

With that in mind, it's been fascinating to see so how many Tour pros have switched almost instantly to the Blueprint S irons.

This gave us a very good idea of how well they would perform, and our suspicion was almost instantly confirmed when we got them out on the course. 

Now, when it comes to analysing the performance of better players' irons, distance becomes slightly more of an afterthought, with the key focus being on workability, consistency and turf interaction. 

In terms of workability, these irons performed as well as hoped; we were able to shape the ball on command and flight the ball down well, which came in very handy when the wind really picked up in Spain. 

We also found we were able to manipulate our spin level appropriately, which was particularly pleasing to see from the scoring clubs in the set. 

The stopping power on offer was also very strong, and especially with longer irons, we found attacking pins was made much easier by the level of spin we were able to put on the ball.

When it comes to turf interaction, these clubs do have quite a shallow sole, which may not suit golfers who have a steep angle of attack, but during testing, we found the clubs were able to glide through the turf with ease, taking lovely pancake divots.

While distance is perhaps an afterthought when it comes to players' irons, it is still important, and when looking at our gapping throughout the set, every club was right where we wanted it to be. 

There are, of course, longer irons in existence, but when it comes to blending speed, with spin and workability, these irons are optimised very well.

All in all, these irons are the real deal, and it's no surprise we've already seen them in the bags of multiple Tour winners. The combination of power, spin and workability is beautifully balanced, and the overall performance of these clubs will be tough to beat in 2024.

Should you buy the PING Blueprint S Irons?

If you're a superior ball striker who is looking to make an upgrade in the iron department in 2024, then the PING Blueprint Irons should be right at the top of your list for testing. 

Combining stunning aesthetics, improved feel, and fantastic performance, these are some of the best players' irons we have tested in recent memory, and if you don't want to take our word for it, take a look on Tour and see how many of the world's best players have already put them in play. 

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