SO CHEAP, but do they perform? RAM FX77 Iron Review

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge reviewed the RAM FX77 irons, assessing their performance and forgiveness compared to irons at the top end of the market.

SO CHEAP, but do they perform? RAM FX77 Iron Review
SO CHEAP, but do they perform? RAM FX77 Iron Review
- The RAM FX77 irons share many similarities with clubs at the top end of the market such as good forgiveness and increased ball speeds.

Golf has always been an expensive sport. From golf clubs to golf lessons, the price of golf is slowly climbing up.

RAM Golf is a well-known brand in the golf industry, and they've stepped up in 2022 with the RAM FX77 irons. They offer a more affordable option for your bag over other brands.

At just £300 (4-PW), the RAM FX77 irons represent the best value in the iron market. This is the same price as just two or three irons in premium sets.

For that reason, they feature in our best golf irons guide.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge assessed the performance of these irons and discovered why and how they can improve your game at such little expense.


What are the RAM FX77 irons all about?

The hollow body design is implemented to increase the forgiveness of these clubs and this also helps with increasing ball speeds.

Much like the TaylorMade P790s, these irons are very broad and this is another feature which also aids your ball-striking.

Another important feature linked to these irons is custom fitting. You can match these irons to your swing when you buy them online, changing the shafts, grips and lie adjustments.

The RAM FX77 irons have strong lofts similar to a player's iron. The 7-iron is 30 degrees, the 9-iron is 39 degrees and the pitching wedge is 44 degrees.

Which golfer does this iron set suit?

If you are just beginning your career in golf, the RAM FX77 irons are ideal for you. They are a cheap option to get you going with your game.

As the thick club heads help to instil confidence in your game, this is also another reason why you should purchase these irons if you've just begun your golf career.

Performance and Forgiveness

Across the face, we were happy with the forgiveness in ball-striking. Even with strikes that weren't out of the middle, we still achieved good distances with mid-irons.

In terms of dispersion and overall performance, you won't achieve the results and scores that you would with irons at the top end of the market, but that is why they are the most expensive.

While hitting balls at Silvemere Golf Club, Alex found promising results with strikes that he wasn't happy with and this is the key feature of these irons.

We liked how explosive the long irons felt off the club face and this is what you need when hitting long shots into the green or laying up off the tee.

SO CHEAP, but do they perform? RAM FX77 Iron Review
SO CHEAP, but do they perform? RAM FX77 Iron Review

Looks and feel

We were pleased by the aesthetics of these irons. The muscle back design, tied in with the hollow body design, looks stunning and this adds to the forgiveness of the clubs.

As you look down at address, RAM has produced a confidence-instilling iron. The heads are thick in appearance which helps with ball-striking.


To conclude, we were really impressed with the RAM FX77 irons. For just £300, these irons are certainly leading the way when it comes to the market of affordable irons.

We believe that if you were to buy irons from the likes of Titleist, TaylorMade or Mizuno, you are not receiving the extra £600/£700 of quality compared to the RAM product.

These irons are aesthetically pleasing. They are forgiving on off-centre hits and especially with long irons, they produce good ball speeds and explosive connections.


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