Golf fans all saying the same thing about Tiger Woods' new apparel brand

Tiger Woods launched Sun Day Red his new apparel and footwear brand last night, and golf fans around the world all have the same question.

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Tue, 13 Feb 2024
Golf fans all saying the same thing about Tiger Woods' new apparel brand

Following weeks of sneak peeks and social media teases, Tiger Woods officially launched Sun Day Red, his new apparel and footwear brand, last night in Los Angeles. 

The launch came months after Woods made a headline-grabbing end to his partnership with Nike, the brand he had been synonymous with since signing his $40m deal in 1996.

Sun Day Red is the dawn of a new era for Woods, and the brand, which is a collaboration between the 15-time-major champion and TaylorMade, attracted the eyes of the golf world last night, with Woods giving a full rundown of the inspiration behind both the name and the new logo.

The announcement came days before Woods is set to make his PGA Tour return when he hosts the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club this Thursday. 

While the name Sun Day Red came as no surprise to anyone, the way it is presented has raised a few eyebrows online. 

Many speculated the name would be spelt Sunday Red. However, Woods has opted to break down Sunday into two words, claiming "there's a special power in 3's."

Woods also took the time to explain the inspiration behind the new tiger logo, which features one stripe for each of his major victories. 

While the logo has been easy enough for golf fans to digest, the name has led to a surprising amount of confusion online, with fans quickly jumping on X to voice a combination of delight, despair, and bewilderment.

Here's how some reacted on X:

The good

The bad

The confused

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Five things to know about Sun Day Red

When is it available to buy?

The full line will be available to purchase on 1 May 2024

Why does Woods wear red on Sundays?

Woods wears red during the final rounds of golf tournaments as a superstition and a personal ritual.

He has stated that he wears red because his mother, Kultida, believes it's a power colour for him, and he has had success while wearing it. 

Over time, it has become a tradition for him to wear red on Sundays, particularly during the final rounds of tournaments

The outfit has become iconic in the world of golf. 

What happens to the logo if Woods wins another major?

Woods claimed that if he does manage to extend his major tally to 16, a new trademark and logo will have to be created for the brand.

How involved will TaylorMade be?

David Abeles, the CEO of TaylorMade Golf, emphasised that while Sun Day Red may be under the umbrella of TaylorMade's broader company, Woods' brand will operate as its distinct business unit, complete with its own headquarters, designers, and staff.

Will the brand produce clothes for children and women?

Initially, Sun Day Red will debut its men's golf apparel line, yet it aims to develop lifestyle clothing for off-course wear, eventually expanding to encompass women's and children's apparel as well.

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