PING Gorge Tour

We review ten of the latest wedges and put them through the ultimate test with a Tour pro and Flightscope shot data. Who comes out on top?

Andy Roberts's picture
Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Thu, 4 Jul 2013
PING Gorge Tour

Brand: PING
Wedge: Gorge Tour
RRP: £99
Best price: £90
Loft: 52-degree
Lie: 64-degree
Bounce: 13-degree
Length: 35.5"

Summary: Gorge grooves are designed to increase spin and produce a lower launch relative to PING’s Tour S. Bounce options include a standard sole, a thin sole for sweeping swings or firm turf and a wide sole for steeper swings. It’s designed with a slot behind the face that houses a dampening cartridge that enhances feel.

Appearance: As we’re well accustomed to with PING products in 2013, the Gorge Tour occupies an attractive dark, non-glare finish that makes it easy to frame the ball. It’s also great for reducing glare in the sun, like the 588 RTX. The clubhead is a little bigger than ideal and there’s a little too much going in the cavity. 4

Feel: There's great feedback at impact, whether it be a pure strike or struck off-centre. This has a lot to do with the small cavity and elastomer insert cushion feel. PING CFS is well balanced. 9

Performance:  Using the standard sole (SS), the PING Gorge Tour is an extremely versatile wedge. We achieved consistent yardage on full shots and a solid dispersion pattern. Better than average spin rates, too. 9.5

Verdict: The colour of this wedge is a big plus but the cavity looks a little too busy for our liking. Good distance and nice ball flight. If you’re after consistency and are more of a drop-and-stop type of player on full shots, the PING Gorge will likely become your best friend. 22.5

Pro Verdict: Classy performer and great colour scheme. I do have these in the bag, though.  


Average Carry (yards)

Average Spin Rate (rpm)

Andy (7 hcap)



Charlie (12 hcap)



Tom (pro)



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