Crouching tiger, hidden golf ball? Ho Sung Choi would LOVE this!

Ho Sung Choi would love the video of this swing which is doing the rounds on social media. Is this player having us on?!

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Sat, 15 Jan 2022
Crouching tiger, hidden golf ball? Ho Sung Choi would LOVE this!

Sometimes in golf we see swings that utterly perplex us: this is one of them. 

We're not entirely sure what is happening here and if this player is having us on. 

His swing approach is unique and it would probably draw plaudits from king of bizarre swings Ho Sung Choi.

Let's take a look at this swing and break it down. 

First let's watch the video, courtesy of Long Drivers

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Here at GolfMagic we've watched it quite a few times and still can't quite work it out. 

What exactly is going on here?

What exactly is happening with all the little twitches? 

Even more impressive is the contact, and particularly the sound of the contact. 

It certainly is a decent hit and sounds as much. 

Of course, those who watched the video and were equally as confused and entertained took to the comments. 

They included:

"My quads would be smoked by the back nine" 

"No way I'm watching that for 18 holes" 

"Gotta be banned forever" 

"I love the 'thank you' at the end!" 

"Surely this cannot be real?" 

"What happened?! I gave up" 

"Mind if I play through?" 

"It's the wrist adjustments that get me!" 

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