Golf fans react to golfer who SMASHES drive after drive with ONE HAND!

This golfer has an insane ability to hit long drives with one hand...

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Thu, 17 Jun 2021
Golf fans react to golfer who SMASHES drive after drive with ONE HAND!

Many golfers around the world dream of hitting long and straight drives, but this can be very hard and your imagination doesn't always match reality.

Golfers long for a sweet connection when they swing the big driver head down and they hope that they can find the fairway with each tee shot that they are faced with.

For one golfer, not only is hitting straight drives an easy task but hitting them with one hand is done with consummate ease as well.

As you can see in the video above, the golfer shows incredible power and technique in his swing. As he pulls the club back, he lassos the driver over his head and comes down on to the ball with great velocity.

But he doesn't just stop there. As you can see, he has a worthy assistant who feeds him ball after ball and just swings away and smashes each and every one into the sky.

There is no shame in admitting that you couldn't do this, as this activity is clearly for people with immense strength and immense talent for golf.

Golf fans left their comments on the incredible footage:

"I mean it's cool and all but you ain't gonna shoot under a 100 with that," one fan said.

"Let's see how he hits the ball without the tee and from the grass," one fan commented.

"Yeah but can you do it 6533789 times in a row?" another fan commented.

"What kinda rotator cuff you got in that shoulder???" another fan said.

"Have you ever hit your head bro," one fan said.