Golf Practice Drills: bunker divot drill

Consistently connecting with the sand in the bunker is very important. PGA coach David Bown runs us through a simple bunker drill for more consistent bunker play

Golf Practice Drills: bunker divot drill

Step 1: Hit the sand after the line

The bunker divot drill is our first bunker play drill in the Bunker Play Practice Drills series.

Any bunker play shot requires you to make contact with the ball and sand at exactly the right point otherwise you could really be stuck in some bother.

PGA coach David Bown has the perfect simple drill to help you learn how to consistently hit the ball and sand each time you play a bunker stroke.

This particular drill would be a medium length bunker shot, around 10-20 yards, off a lie where the ball is sitting up.

In the left-hand photograph, the two yellow dotted lines represent the line in the sand David has drawn. He will then try and hit the sand an inch after the line where the ball would be sitting.

Keep trying to connect with the sand an inch past the line a few times to improve your consistency. If the line you've produced with your strikes is straight then playing a ball will be an easier challenge.

Click the next slide to see how to use an alignment stick for the drill...

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