Toughest Golf Shots: feet outside bunker

Your ball is right up against the lip leaving your feet outside the bunker, what do you do? PGA professional Sam Quirke gives us his top tips

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Fri, 5 Jul 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: feet outside bunker

The feet outside the bunker shot is our second bunker play article in the Golf's Toughest Bunker Shots series.

Can bunker shots get any worse? When your ball is nestled up against the lip and your feet are outside the sand it can't get much more tricky. But there's a way to get out alive.

PGA coach Sam Quirke provides us with the basics behind the shot, showing us how to not only escape the bunker but to get it close to the pin.

As seen in the right-hand photograph, stand far away from the ball to allow yourself to make the swing by creating more room for your arms and elbows to come through during impact.

Most amateurs tend to use a standard set up, giving them no room to manoevure their elbows and hands and makes you taller over the ball, tempting you to dig out the sand.

Make sure to angle your spine down and overly flex your knees so you can lower your handle into the bunker but still have stability, shown by the yellow line in the photograph.

During the swing, your whole body should turn through the shot so it's facing towards the hole at the finish.

Most importantly deliver your stroke with confidence; you won't escape the sand with a weak contact. So give it a strong swing with an open face for more control.

Want anymore tips? Check out where PGA professional Sam Quirke provides swing analysis coaching at The Drift Golf Club or get on his personal website to take a closer look.

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