Ten of the Best: Short game tips

Ten golf short game tips and practice our drills from our latest instruction piece

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By Charlie Lemay on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 - 10:09

Ten of the Best: Short game tips

Tip 1 . Keep it simple

When our short game ‘goes off’ and we lose confidence, we tend to rely too heavily on the putter from off the green to get us out of trouble.

Especially during the winter months when the ground is wet, it rarely pays off.

So start experimenting with medium irons around the green or even a rescue club for chipping if you want to try something new..

The 5-, 6-, or 7-iron has enough loft to lift the ball on to the green and get it rolling, so grip down the club with a putting grip, hands slightly ahead of the ball and with a slightly open stance, make a firm stroke with the arms.

Tip 2. Wood you believe it!

Faced with a long putt from the fringe with the hole cut on the top step of a tiered green, don’t always reach for the putter. It’s hard to control with a long swing.

Try one of your lofted woods. Ball back in a slightly open stance, grip down the shaft and play with hands just ahead of the ball.

The thin face of the club will tend to make the ball come off the clubface with a little more fire than you’re used to but with practice you will impress your mates as you consistently ‘putt’ with a wood stone dead every time.