New software to analyse your putting

Ball Roll Putting Analysis from Quintic

New software to analyse your putting

Quintic Consultancy has revealed its latest Ball Roll Putting Analysis software. 

Unlike other putter-fitting software which tracks the golf club, the Quintic software tracks the performance of the golf ball using motion capture of up to 260 frames per second which allows each element of the roll of a golf ball to be summarised graphically and numerically in a way that was formerly only available for full swing analysis software for irons and woods.

As a putt is launched, the software automatically recognises markers on the golf ball and immediately produces fully digitized analysis of each putt by tracking the golf ball for the first 30cm of its journey on a given length of putt.

It then instantly and clearly shows the ball speed, sidespin (cut or hook), angular rotation (degrees and RPM), vertical bounce, launch angle and point at which true roll occurs using graphics.

The average range, standard deviation and consistency of each putt is automatically updated after each putt and saved into a session folder which allows for easy comparison when using different putters, changing the loft / lie / length of a putter, before and after a putting lesson.

Internationally-recognised sports biomechanist, renowned putting coach and the brainchild behind the software, Dr Paul Hurrion, explains: “Once you know what is happening to the ball, it is easy to provide expert advice on how to alter the putting stroke, posture, change the set-up of the putter or even recommend an entirely different type of putter – blade against mallet, centre versus heel shaft and face-balanced against toe heavy – in order to improve your putting and hole more putts.

“By producing pictorial graphs and numeric tables of all the various elements of the analysis software, it makes it extremely easy to interpret exactly what is happening with each putt.

“Moreover because the putting student can now actually see and so more easily understand the putting data, there is no room for doubt or argument, making the Quintic software an excellent tool for putting coaches and indeed putting manufacturers.”

With the software, coaches are able to ensure the individual golfer’s set-up posture is correct and recommend changes to the length, lie and loft of their putter in order to obtain true roll of the golf ball off the putter as soon as possible, resulting in a greater number of putts hitting the bottom of the cup.

“Whether a professional or amateur, the importance of putting as part of a player’s game should never be underestimated given the number of strokes in a round that are taken on the greens,” adds Dr Hurrion, who coaches the likes of Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy, Robert-Jan Derksen and Oliver Wilson.

“Golfers are both amazed and impressed after undergoing analysis of their putting using the Quintic software as they are immediately able to see and feel tangible results for themselves; quite simply, they manage to hole more putts.

“In our view, the Quintic software is a great fitting tool, a unique coaching tool and essential research tool for the golf industry.”

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