Alan Shipnuck denied LIV Golf media pass but he is apparently still coming!

Alan Shipnuck could bump into Phil Mickelson at the LIV Golf opener at Centurion Club. 

Alan Shipnuck denied LIV Golf media pass but he is apparently still coming!
Alan Shipnuck denied LIV Golf media pass but he is apparently still coming!

Golf biographer Alan Shipnuck who broke Phil Mickelson's shocking comments about Saudi Arabia and the PGA Tour earlier in the year admits he will still be travelling to the LIV Golf opener and buying a ticket to watch the action at Centurion Club despite being denied media credentials. 

Shipnuck released an excerpt of Mickelson's controversial words surrounding the subject of the PGA Tour and Saudi Golf League back in February 2022 following a conversation they shared back in November 2021. 

After interviewing more than 200 subjects for his new book on Mickelson that hit the shelves last month, Shipnuck claims Lefty told him that he didn't pretend to be excited about "hitching his fortunes to Saudi Arabia". 

Most damagingly for Mickelson, he called the Saudis "scary motherf***ers" and suggested their money had finally given him and the players leverage to take on the PGA Tour. 

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The six-time major champion took a four-month break from the sport to address his actions but he emerged on Monday evening this week to announce he would be joining Greg Norman's controversial new Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series. 

Mickelson will arrive in London later today and he will be speaking to the press on Wednesday morning. 

GolfMagic will be in the media centre on Wednesday to bring you all the latest news from the Mickelson interview so stay tuned to the website and our social media channels. 

Shipnuck, who writes for Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine and the Firepit Collective, will not be in the media centre after being denied accreditation.

But according to his latest tweet he will still be travelling down to London to cover the tournament. 




"Strangely, the folks at LIV haven’t responded to my credential request," Shipnuck responded to a tweet. "But I’m still gonna fly to London, buy a ticket and cover the tournament."

He then replied to another tweet: "I have some misgivings but this is a monumental moment for the business of professional golf and it requires some scrutiny."

You can only imagine the scenes if Mickelson and Shipnuck bump into each other during the week. 

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