Greg Norman's son slams 'BS' rumour about LIV Golf's Brooks Koepka

Greg Norman's son has slammed the 'BS' rumour about Brooks Koepka having regrets about his decision to join the LIV Golf League.

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Thu, 16 Feb 2023
Greg Norman's son slams 'BS' rumour about LIV Golf's Brooks Koepka

Greg Norman's son has slammed the 'BS' rumour about LIV Golf's $100m man Brooks Koepka. 

That rumour? That the four time major-champion is reportedly having buyer's remorse about his decision to join the circuit last June. 

Alan Shipnuck has documented in The Fire Pit Collective that he's heard some whispers about the 32-year-old American having some regrets.

One DP World Tour pro tweeted today that "it would kill LIV" if Koepka does decide he wants a quick return to the PGA Tour. 

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According to the report, Koepka took the money because his body wasn't cooperating anymore. 

But now he's feeling fitter and the Smash GC captain is rethinking his decision. 

Yet this is apparently untrue, according to Norman's son, who posted this underneath a link to the report:

What did the report say about Koepka? 

"I'm hearing a lot of rumblings that Brooks Koepka has buyer’s remorse.

"He took the money when his brittle body was still being put back together, and in private he has confided to folks he wasn’t sure if he would ever get fully healthy again.

"But now Koepka is feeling frisky and supposedly rethinking his career choice."

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"This f***ing thing can consume you"

Koepka featured heavily in the second episode of the Netflix documentary Full Swing that was released on 15 February. 

The title of the episode is: "Win or Go Home" 

Its tagline is: 

"With his career in a frustrating slump, Brooks Koepka hopes to reclaim his place as one of the top golfers at the Masters"

Whilst we have no idea if Koepka really does have regrets about his choice to join LIV, the episode paints a picture of a man who isn't happy. 

Sure, he has a bunch of money and a glamorous wife. But throughout the episode, he appeared constantly frustrated at his loss of form.  

"I just want to be able to compete a full season healthy," Koepka said. "If I can do that then I know I can compete with the best players in the world." 

His wife Jena Sims was quoted as saying: "This f***ing thing can consume you". 

We have no real idea how accurate the portrayal of Koepka is. His defection appears to be depicted as him essentially giving up. 

He cannot compete with Scottie Scheffler anymore, so he might as well join LIV Golf. 

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