Bryson isn't the only player the PGA are holding out on: "They owe me $1.5m!"

A report has revealed Bryson DeChambeau isn't the only LIV Golf player the PGA Tour are allegedly refusing to pay money from their Player Impact Program. 

Bryson isn't the only player the PGA are holding out on: "They owe me $1.5m!"
Bryson isn't the only player the PGA are holding out on: "They owe me $1…

Bryson DeChambeau isn't the only player the PGA Tour is reportedly refusing to pay, as Bubba Watson alleges he too is owed $1.5m after LIV Golf brought to a close their inaugural season. 

Watson has given an interview to Tom Kershaw of The Times where he has approached a number of topics. 

Of course, one of those was his decision to join LIV Golf in the first place.

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Bryson isn't the only player the PGA Tour are holding out on
Bryson isn't the only player the PGA Tour are holding out on

Watson, a two-time Masters champion, is renowned for just how seriously he takes his Christian faith. 

His decision to take millions of dollars via Saudi Arabia - to his critics - seems at odds with how he lives his life. 

Watson and his wife Angela have two adopted children. Adoption is strictly forbidden in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You get the picture. 

The 12-time PGA Tour winner is obviously okay with his decision. 

This is how Watson sees the situation:

"Everybody in the world can make money off of Saudi Arabia but, when it comes to individuals, it's not allowed. Why is it OK for them and not for Bubba Watson?
"The PGA Tour has an almighty dollar and they're trying to protect it by not letting others play or have an event in the US. It's a sad and hypocritical place we're in in our world and our sport." 

This isn't the only hypocrisy that Watson sees. 

LIV, in general, has been attracting heat because of the guaranteed money it offers players in their events. 

Tiger Woods has approached this topic before, asking where exactly is the incentive was for players to "dig it out in the dirt". 

Watson told the paper:

"Well, when I was on the PGA Tour, I was getting paid money behind the scenes to show up at events from sponsors. And if Bubba Watson is getting it, the so-called big-time players — because I'm not as popular as them — they got paid the same amount . . . or maybe a little less.
"It makes me laugh when people say those things. It's so hypocritical. These players have guaranteed money, the real world just doesn't see it."

Elsewhere, it appears that Watson is also owed some wedge from the PGA Tour via their Player Impact Program [PIP]. 

The aforementioned DeChambeau, 29, claims the only reason why is still remaining in the antitrust lawsuit is out of principle.

It's not about the money, he said. He wants the second half of the money. DeChambeau lashed out at the "petty and childish" PGA Tour last week over this. 

If you didn't know, the PIP was announced by the PGA Tour at the beginning of last season. It was a $40m bonus scheme designed to reward their top stars for their impact on the game. 

Bryson isn't the only player the PGA are holding out on:

Critics argue it was just a slush fund to prevent their best players from leaving when LIV Golf was all just smoke and mirrors in the early days. 

Woods scooped the inaugural PIP, fetching the $8m top prize. Woods, or one of his team, then daggered Phil Mickelson. 

Next season, the PIP has expanded to reward the top-20 players and will give out $100m

Watson said: 

"They still owe me $1.5m. I did everything they asked but somehow I never got the second half of the money."

Watson is still yet to hit a shot in a LIV Golf event. He is still recovering from a knee injury. 

But in 2023, he will tee it up in the LIV Golf League as a playing captain of the Niblicks GC side. 

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