CONTROVERSY at LIV meeting! Pro: "Why are we dousing each other in champagne?!"

Some LIV Golf League pros are reportedly unhappy after Greg Norman and their chief operating officer held a players only meeting in Tucson.

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Mon, 20 Mar 2023
CONTROVERSY at LIV meeting! Pro: "Why are we dousing each other in champagne?!"

LIV Golf League pros held a 'players only' meeting in Tucson last week, and it appears there are a few signs of discontent. 

According to a report by Alan Shipnuck of The FirePit Collective, the players sat down to discuss LIV's progress so far and beyond 2023. 

It is said by those behind-the-scenes at LIV Golf they unequivocally view their beta-test LIV Golf Invitational Series in 2022 as a glowing success.

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The Saudi-backed league signed a host of major winners, Ryder Cup stars and highly-touted youngsters. 

With no disrespect to LIV, a large part of their 'success' - however you view it - was not by what was happening on the course. 

It was about who they would sign from the PGA Tour. Who would jump ship. Who would change their mind. Would they be banned from the majors?

Now, the focus appears to be on truly making the LIV Golf League a success. 

According to the report, LIV supremo Yasir Al-Rummayyan - referred to as The Investor - is tasked with helping the Saudis' Public Investment Fund reach $1 trillion in assets by 2025. 

To do this, they'll obviously need their franchise model to truly take off. Shipnuck reports that LIV will begin selling their teams next year. 

LIV owns 75 per cent of each team, with the remaining equity spread among the players (mainly the team captains). 

But back to the topic at hand and apparently the LIV players met with Greg Norman and chief operating officer Gary Davidson over the weekend. 

Topics addressed were said to be:

  • A new pace-of-play policy 
  • Drug testing procedures
  • The accelerated timeline of LIV Golf

After the meeting Louis Oosthuizen, who lost out to Danny Lee in a playoff in Tucson, reportedly told Shipnuck:

"Sorry mate, I don't want to talk about any politics or any controversies." 

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Just one of these 'controversial' topics apparently relates to the prize purses. 

In 2022, LIV paid for all of the expenses, including a private jet to ferry their players to all tournament stops

There is a travel stipend this year, but after that, the LIV players will have to sort out their own expenses. 

It is rumoured that LIV are thinking of ploughing more and more money into the team payouts. 

Up to five teams would receive a share of the kitty. 

This caused a ripple with one player, who reportedly said:

"Some guys thought their contracts for this year are for 10 tournaments, not 14. But even with more tournaments there is no bump in the guaranteed money they signed for. Last year the players kept their share of the team winnings but now that money goes back to the team."

Another player reportedly added: 

"Why are we standing on a podium spraying each other with champagne when we don't get the money? So that's interesting. And now there is talk that [LIV leadership] wants to put more of the total purse toward the team component. But, again, guys have it in their contract they would be playing for $20 million on their own. So you can imagine there is a lot of conversation right now."

What do you make of LIV Golf so far? Will they be successful? Tweet us your thoughts. 

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