LIV Golf: Was this Sergio Garcia video staged? Some aren't convinced...

Golf fans are debating whether this moment of LIV Golf's Sergio Garcia signing some autographs for two young fans was staged.

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Fri, 17 Feb 2023
LIV Golf: Was this Sergio Garcia video staged? Some aren't convinced...

LIV Golf put up a post on their social media channels last week showing a video of Sergio Garcia signing some autographs. 

Apparently these two young fans asked the 2017 Masters champion to sign some memorabilia. 

Garcia then retrieved some personalized golf balls and signed them instead. "Amazing example set by Sergio," the caption read on the video. 

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But all may not be as it seems, as it has been pointed out the little girl in the video is the same one used in a promo last week teasing the second season of the LIV Golf League

Said child actor asked Phil Mickelson: "Why should I support your team?" 

Here's the video:

And the video of Garcia signing some autographs: 

And some comments of fans debating whether the moment was 'legit':

"As devil's advocate, what if this is just the actor being treated to an autograph and LIV jumping on the opportunity to document it?"
"This could actually be the kids acting in the video getting real autographs too. It's not super out of the realm of shooting a commercial and that happening. Nit picky."
"Same girl! They used the same girl for all of their videos!"
"Uh, is that curly haired girl the same one from the ‘kids pick your team’ commercial from earlier? I imagine it was all shot on the same day. Saves on production costs."
"I took my nine-year-old daughter to LIV Bedminster. Henrik gave her a hat out of his bag, Poulter tossed her a ball, and she had 10 guys sign her flag by the putting green. They're way more accessible at these events."
"Signing autographs for kids when the camera is around. You don't see that often. True leadership by Sergio."
"Beyond parody."
"He gave away his balls when he left competitive golf."
"You really can't make it up, but we allow it everywhere. Fraud is evident in most part of our lives, but the societal response is just to shrug it off like, 'Oh, it'll all be over soon.'"

We obviously have no way of knowing, but what are your thoughts? Benefit of the doubt? Real?

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