Multiple major champion reveals LIV Golf approach...that he snubbed!

This multiple major champion has revealed why he snubbed an offer from LIV Golf. 

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Mon, 24 Apr 2023
Multiple major champion reveals LIV Golf approach...that he snubbed!

Multiple major champion Padraig Harrington has revealed he 'just didn't want' to join LIV Golf after revealing he had a lucrative offer to join the league. 

The future World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee spoke about the rival tour when he recently appeared on RTE's Late Late Show. 

Harrington has always maintained the same position with what he thinks about the Greg Norman-led tour. 

When LIV launched last June, Harrington insisted he had no problems with those bolting but insisted their choice came with consequences

Harrington, who won the Open twice as well as the PGA Championship, told the show:

"I got a text message [about joining] but I didn’t want the temptation. If somebody comes around and offers you a hundred million, five hundred million, that's a lot of temptation. It's a lot of temptation and I didn't want it. Sometimes you just don't need it.
"I'm not going but I've lots of friends who go and they're still my friends. I can see why people would go and I can see the good of it in terms of inclusion if things change.
"Some of the guys have gone for free, but there's a lot of prize money. Whether they should go or not is up to the individuals. Some of the guys who've gone wouldn't have been in good financial situations.

LIV Golf has come under constant criticism over accusations Saudi Arabia are using the sport to soften their global reputation, in a practice known as sportswashing. 

Bryson DeChambeau blasted those claims before LIV's most recent event in Adelaide. 

Harrington said: 

"I wouldn't want to live in Saudi Arabia as it is now, but I do believe inclusion changes things. The more international inclusion of Saudi Arabia, the more the people will go, 'You know what – we want to change things.'
"It's not that long ago here we used to put pregnant women in mother and baby homes; 1996 was when the last of them closed so we’re not that far away from it."

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