Report: Crazy RUMOUR about LIV Golf's Cameron Smith untrue: "Hogwash!"

A rumour that Cameron Smith was "blackballed" by a number of golf clubs after he joined LIV Golf is completely untrue, according to a report. 

Report: Crazy RUMOUR about LIV Golf's Cameron Smith untrue: "Hogwash!"
Report: Crazy RUMOUR about LIV Golf's Cameron Smith untrue: "Hogwash!"

In late November, there was a rumour circulating about LIV Golf's marquee signing Cameron Smith

Apparently, Smith was "blackballed" from a number of golf clubs after joining the breakaway circuit. 

The revelation was made by Tron Carter in the No Laying Up podcast, citing "very credible" sources. 

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A recent report by Golfweek's Adam Schupak has gone into this topic. He has spoken to one of Smith's friends on the condition of anonymity. 

According to this close pal of the 150th Open champion, nothing could be further from the truth. 

In fact, this person claims it's all complete "hogwash". 

It was previously alleged that PGA Tour bosses leaned on these clubs not to allow Smith to be a member:

  • San Jose
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Pablo Creek [where Monahan is a member with former PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem]
  • Ponte Vedra Inn & Club
  • The Yards

Report: Crazy RUMOUR about LIV Golf's Cameron Smith untrue:

According to Schupak's report, it's true that Smith's inner circle sent "feelers" on his behalf asking if he could practice at certain venues. 

Those included the aforementioned Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, Atlantic Beach Country Club and Sawgrass Country Club. 

Smith reportedly inquired about joining as a member. 

Sawgrass, in particular, has a long waiting list and reportedly told Smith that he wouldn't receive any preferential treatment.

He would have to wait in line, just like everybody else.  

Report: Crazy RUMOUR about LIV Golf's Cameron Smith untrue:

Smith's friend told Schupak:

"He's had no problems playing golf. He's not big on playing golf when he’s off. If he's home three weeks, he might play twice, if he's home two weeks, only once and if home a week, no way he plays golf until he shows up at the tournament."

Another crazy rumour doing the rounds was that Smith was escorted off the grounds at Pablo Creek. 

Former PGA Tour commissioners Deane Beman and Tim Finchem are members there. 

Smith's pal said that Smith "never even went near the gate". 

There is also more speculation that Smith was going to use his new riches to buy Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club in Jacksonville. 

Also untrue, according to Smith's friend. He might buy some land and build his own practice facility, he said. 

Bryson DeChambeau, previously revealed he would build a driving range with his LIV Golf money. 

Although these rumours are reportedly untrue, there has been confirmation that Smith was at the receiving end of some salty behaviour. 

His parking spot as the defending champion of the Players was removed after he decided to leave the PGA Tour for a reported $100m fee

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