Rory McIlroy labelled 'little bitch' by LIV exec: "We can get Jon and Hideki!"

Rory McIlroy will not be offered a LIV Golf deal, but several leading PGA Tour stars such as Jon Rahm and Hideki Matsuyama will - according to this report.

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Thu, 8 Jun 2023
Rory McIlroy labelled 'little bitch' by LIV exec: "We can get Jon and Hideki!"

A LIV Golf executive is reportedly gleeful at the prospect of having Jon Rahm and Hideki Matsuyama play in their events - but not Rory McIlroy

Biographer Alan Shipnuck quotes the exec in a snippet from his forthcoming book: "LIV and Let Die". 

It details the power struggle for men's professional golf and what - purportedly - really happened behind the scenes during a chaotic 2022. 

There's no denying the final chapter of said book will likely need a bit of a re-write or tweak given there's apparently peace at last given the agreement to merge the commercial interests of LIV, the PGA and DP World Tour together with investment from the PIF

Shipnuck's extract reveals was happening before LIV's first event at Centurion after Phil Mickelson almost brought down the whole show before it even began when he said the quiet part loud. 

Other revelations give an insight into the mind of Saudi businessman Yasir Al-Rumayyan. 

Per the report, Al-Rumayyan:

  • Fussed over every single detail about LIV Golf, including the look of its logo
  • Resembled a Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street with a rousing speech to execs to plough ahead with LIV despite Mickelson's comments
  • Reportedly told a LIV player that 'my own people are always listening' to his day-to-day life
  • Has a fondness for short-skirted Russian women

Perhaps the question every golf fan right now is: what happens next? According to the exec, several leading PGA Tour players will get renewed LIV Golf offers. 

The extract goes some way in what LIV Golf will look like going forward. There were reports that it would be dead, which would delight McIlroy.

PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan was quoted as saying he 'can't foresee' LIV continuing in its current form beyond 2023, whilst Greg Norman has claimed it's business as usual

Per the extract in the book, it's likely LIV will have a dozen tournaments every year, with some events 'slotted in dark weeks' when no traditional PGA Tour event is being played. The teams would also expand from 12 to 14. 

And don't be surprised to see some very big names involved. All but the aforementioned McIlroy. 

The LIV exec reportedly told Shipnuck:

"Now we can finally get Hideki [Matsuyama] and Jon Rahm. I would say every big name on the PGA Tour will get an offer. Except Rory. Nobody wants that little bitch on their team."

It's unlikely McIlroy, who said he feels as though he is a 'sacrificial lamb' in this saga, will be too concerned. 

Not too long after news broke of this stunning development did the 34-year-old Northern Irishman proclaim he still hates LIV and hopes it goes away. 

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Don't hold your breath, Rors. 

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