Wedding campers mistaken for LIV Golf protesters by police in Boston

The local police suspected that protesters in Boston had already arrived ahead of the fourth LIV Golf event, but this wasn't the case.

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Tue, 30 Aug 2022
Wedding campers mistaken for LIV Golf protesters by police in Boston

A group of wedding guests were disturbed by the police in Massachusetts after they were suspected to be protesters at the LIV Golf Boston Invitational.

As reported by the Independent, the police approached the guests at 8 am at the family-owned property situated near The International, the course set to host the fourth event of the LIV Golf Tour's inaugural season.

Newlyweds Joanna Benoit and Taylor Jacobsen said the tents were in the woods of their property and the golf course is on the other side of the trees. This is why the police suspected trespassing.

Although a spokesperson from The International described the situation as "a simple misunderstanding," Miss Benoit was unhappy with how the police handled the situation.

"Officers spoke with the individuals, determining that it was a group of campers from a nearby wedding the prior evening. The group decided to leave voluntarily, without being asked to," said Steve Brennen, the general manager of The International.

"The International has reached out to the Benoit family and we hope all will be resolved very soon."

There have been many dissenting voices against the LIV Golf Series. Extinction Rebellion appeared at the first event at the start of June in the UK and 9/11 Families United have also been vocal in their opposition to the collaboration with Saudi Arabia. 

9/11 Families United also condemned President Donald Trump for hosting the third LIV Golf event at Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump is also set to host an event on the Aramco Team Series on the Ladies European Tour later this year.

The players have constantly been questioned over their moral decision to join the series which is bankrolled by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, a nation which is associated with countless human rights violations.