LPGA Tour star Danielle Kang BLASTS "s***" greens: "Even members are furious"

LPGA Tour pro Danielle Kang appeared absolutely furious at the state of the slow greens at the Mediheal Championship, claiming even the members are angry. 

LPGA Tour star Danielle Kang BLASTS "s***" greens: "Even members are furious"
LPGA Tour star Danielle Kang BLASTS "s***" greens: "Even members are…

Danielle Kang appeared more than a bit frustrated at the pace of the greens after the third round of the LPGA Mediheal Championship, claiming even the members of The Saticoy Club were "furious". 

The LPGA Tour superstar, who recently returned to tournament action after revealing the diagnosis of a tumour on her spine, found herself six shots off the leader - England's Jodi Ewart Shadoff - heading into the final round in Somis, California. 

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And despite admitting that her ball-striking has been good, it was really on the putting surfaces that she was getting frustrated. 

Kang went as far as saying that she believed they desperately needed cutting, that members were even irate and during her round she resorted to playing a money game involving smashing putts with her playing partner Hye-Jin.

She gave herself some good looks for birdie coming in at holes 16 and 17 which, apparently, was down to the fact that Kang felt like "I just don't give a s*** at that point." 

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Here are some exchanges from her press conference after the round:

Q. Danielle, bogey-free round out here at Saticoy. Take me through what was working well for you?

DANIELLE KANG: My ball striking worked really well today. I was getting very frustrated on the greens. So was my playing partner, Hye-Jin. We were making nothing out there.

I think the greens are just so slow and I think they need to cut them. I think it's enough of just letting them grow out. I think members are pretty upset. They're coming up to me for the last four days infuriated that the greens are playing this slow. We both couldn't get it to the hole. Eventually we started playing money game and start smashing putts. That's how we started making birdies on the back three holes.

Q. This is two days in a row your last couple of holes you really have been able to put up some great birdie looks. What is it about those last couple holes that you like the most, 16 and 17?

DANIELLE KANG: I'm getting to a point where I just don't give a shit at that point. I just missed every single putt coming in. At one point you just get to a point where you have to hit it as hard as you can; that's what I did.

[I] ended up making [a] couple of putts, which was good. I love that Hye-Jin threw a fist pump on the last hole, because that was to take money from me. So, I mean, we had to somehow play our own game, and I really enjoyed playing with her today, because at the end of the day I know it's a tournament, but it's fun to have a partner that you can banter with and egg each other on to play better. So that's what happened.

Q. Do you expect them to speed the greens up?

DANIELLE KANG: It doesn't matter to me. I'm kind of in a mindset where always on the last day I've got nothing to lose. I've played out here long enough where I'm not looking for seconds or Top 5s or Top 10s.

It doesn't matter if I three-putt. Probably just going to smash putts all day tomorrow.

Well, tell us how you REALLY feel Danielle! 

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