Apes Hill Golf and Beach Club in Barbados leads the way in sustainability

The renovation of Apes Hill golf course in Barbados has adopted ground-breaking initiatives to promote sustainability in the environment.


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Sat, 17 Apr 2021
Apes Hill Golf and Beach Club in Barbados leads the way in sustainability

Apes Hill Golf and Beach Club is undergoing a major renovation in St. James, Barbados with sustainability at the top of the agenda.

Renowned golf course architect Ron Kirby has been at the centre of the plans for the environmentally friendly course, which began in 2019 and is due to end in January 2022.

The site is committed to becoming power neutral within three years by building a solar energy farm and many more considerations have been made with sustainability at heart.

An expert agronomist has selected Zoysia Zorro grass for the course, which requires less water and has therefore reduced the number of sprinkler heads from 1800 to 800. 

Out of play areas will have organic mulch and feather grass, which also requires less watering and fertiliser.

An artificial lake has been installed to collect rainwater for irrigation in the future and the latest technology is being used on the current irrigation system to minimize watering.

Apes Hill has also aimed to use clever landscaping to create new habitats for wildlife and avoid the disruption of current habitats.

The 18-hole golf course in St. James will have 13 sea-view holes and the site is located amongst a lush jungle with families of chattering monkies and birds.

Kirby, who has previously worked with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in course design, also renovated Barbados Golf Club in 2000.

"We were very careful with the design to focus on reducing the footprint of the grasses that need full maintenance, water and fertilizers," said Kirby.

"Using the latest technology for irrigation, we have been able to reduce the number of sprinkler heads on the course by 56%. In addition, the new Zoysia Zorro grass we planted needs less water.

"We have reduced the number of bunkers from 107 to 38. All these factors combined have helped us to significantly reduce the overall volume of water and chemicals that will be required in the maintenance of the course."

Other additions planned for Apes Hill Golf and Beach Club include a renovated clubhouse with a new Drunken Monkey bar, accompanied by a veranda restaurant, fitness centre, lap pool and yoga garden.