Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter

Golf swing trackers, games, scoring and handicaps - the golf apps you can't live without. 

best golf apps to download this winter
best golf apps to download this winter

Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


Unless you possess natural talent on par with the likes of Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose, you will have likely realised by now it costs more than a few pennies to become any good at this game. 

While a lesson with a PGA pro, custom fitting session and new set of premium clubs will likely go some way to lowering that handicap, they each come at a substantial price. 

On the other hand, golf coaching apps - many of which are the price of a box of tees - represent one of the most cost-effective ways of dissecting this finicky game on your own. 

We've hand picked our favourite golf swing tracking apps doing the rounds right now, as well as the very best golf course locator apps, handicap apps, live scoring apps and fun golf game apps to keep every single golf fan busy this winter.

Let's start with the golf swing...

Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


PING recently launched an app called the 'Golf Workout', an Apple Watch feature engineered to capture and track fitness data, swing tempo and on-course statistics.

This app also houses updates to iPING, a putting-improvement tool that attaches to a putter shaft using an iPING Cradle, and works in conjunction with the iPhone.

In addition, there’s a PING trivia game created to share the brand’s rich heritage and its focus on innovations that help golfers play their best.

The iPING app is a free download from the App Store and the full Golf Workout experience is available as an in-app purchase at an introductory price of £3.99.

Download from iTunes

Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


V1 Golf's latest golf coaching app is one of our favourites. And not just because it's free. 

Not only does it allow the golfer to record and analyse, but it also provides useful and interesting comparisons to more than 50 swings from the world's very best players such as Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Ian Poulter, with a split screen so you can see the difference between your own swing and the Tour pros. 

The app also allows you to trim, mark up and edit your swing video so you can play it back and study it frame by frame, or you can watch it in slow motion.

Learn more and download hereBest Golf Apps To Download This Winter

HOLE 19 

Hole19 is a free app that connects the world of golf.

Designed to help golfers improve and make better decisions quickly on the course, it works on all smartphones or on the Apple Watch, which means unlike other golf applications, the mobile can stay in the bag. 

The app presents accurate GPS yardages, aerial imagery, key statistics of the round and a digital scorecard. 

The company has mapped over 95% of the world's courses and is available in over 95 countries around the world. 

Despite going live at the start of 2015, the app is growing rapidly and has been used for more than one millions rounds worldwide thus far. 

Learn more at

Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


One of the latest golf instruction apps and already a winner at both UK and US App Design Awards for ‘Best Sports App’.

Named as the ‘Top 20 Must Have Apps by The Telegraph, this coaching app does cost £6.99 to download, but can you really put a price on lower scores? Much of that depends on how seriously you take this sport. 

Dr Noel Rousseau has a PhD in motor learning, making him the ideal teacher to improve your swing mechanics. 

With 38 HD videos and a Swing Analysis suite, Golf Coach is a structured coaching programme that expertly outlines all the fundamental techniques that you will need to build a solid all round golf game.

Instruction includes full swing technique, tee shots, sloping lies, shots from the rough and a comprehensive array of short game skills.

Learn more and download here

Best Golf Apps To Download This Winter


This app allows players to track their shots in real-time, while also allowing golfers to visualise their game after they have finished playing.

Users just need to tap tags housed in the butt of their clubs against the Game Golf module before every shot – the system does the rest.

Using GPS, motion sensors and near-field communication technology, the system automatically records the course, location of the hole, club used, distance, and accuracy with minimum interruption to a player’s routine.

While on the course, golfers can brag about their longest drives, greens in regulation percentage, or accuracy off the tee. 

When all is finished on fairways and greens, players can view their round on the internet, while also being able to compare their play against a scratch player.

Game Golf Live costs £249.99, but the app is free to download.  

Review: Game Golf Live Website: Game Golf Live

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