Bridgestone Tour B330-S review

A golf ball filled with water at its core... but does it whet the appetite?

Bridgestone Tour B330-S review

Bridgestone Golf's new B-Series golf balls feature a drop of water at their core and have been designed to match the varying swing speeds of average club golfers and elite Tour professionals alike.

According to the brand, the 'ground-breaking' Hydro Core Technology produces 30% more graduation in the formulation around the inner and outer areas of the core, contributing to a softer centre but firmer outer region.

The result is less spin off the driver face for greater distance and accuracy, allied to a golfer’s swing speed and ability to compress the ball’s seamless cover.

Distance Test: Hot v Cold golf balls using the Bridgestone Tour B330-S

The new B330-S represents an outstanding 4-piece urethane covered ball, designed with Bridgestone's acclaimed and patented soft 330 Dual Dimple Technology.

While some drivers launched a little higher than ideal, the B330-S ball, as played by PGA Tour player Matt Kuchar, generated the lowest levels of driver spin in our test, much to do with the re-engineered Dual Mantle design and new Hydro Core technology.

It also provided us with improved levels of traction with the wedges from inside 120 yards, with plenty of backspin from both the fairway, intermediate rough and greenside bunkers. 

On the putting surface, the ball felt as though it stayed on the putter face longer due to its remarkably soft feel.


Filled with water at its core, the new B330-S is very much worth splashing the cash on, despite the rather hefty £47.99 price tag per dozen. It very much whets our appetite for the season ahead. We believe you will likely unlock some hidden yards and attain better greenside control and feel.

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