Taylor Made for the slicer

Taylor Made's cure for the slicer

Taylor Made for the slicer

Having an all singing, all dancing new Titanium club may not be the best answer to those of you habitually slice the ball. Instead of alleviating the problem, it only helps add thirty odd yards to your slice!Taylor Made for the slicer
Thank god for the clever fellows at Taylor Made who realise that some of us need a little help with an over zealous fade but also need those extra yards to win the crystal and impress the Captain.

The new FireSole Offset Driver is a 250cc sized, centre tungsten-weighted, titanium club designed for the slicer to promote a right to left ball trajectory
Michelle McGann, better known for the snazzy hats she wears every week on the LPGA Tour and also one of Taylor Made's tour staff agrees with the age-old problem.

“Every week I play in pro-ams and see people who struggle with their driver. Whether it’s maximising distance, or minimising their left to right trajectory. Finally, there is a club that can help!”

The new driver comes with all the traditional qualities associated with the award winning FireSole driver, but with the added advantage of being offset by about 11mm. Those measurements should translate into giving enough time for the club to square itself up before impact and promote that distance improving draw shot you have coveted for ages.

It also comes with the new Powerbar which the manufacturers claim helps stabilise the club through impact and helps aid alignment.

Price and availability

RRP: £249 (Bubble Shaft only)

Available from: January 2000

Shaft options: R80, S90, and L60

Loft options:
Right Hand:
9.5, 10.5

Left Hand:

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